Processor Comparison

  dazzawm 08:55 30 Nov 2012

Hi what is the comparison between these 2 CPUS. I know 15 has a good write up but how is the AMD compared to it please.



  Batch 08:57 30 Nov 2012

You can look them all up at CPU Benchmark

  dazzawm 09:10 30 Nov 2012

Thanks I can see the number difference between the 2 but what do the numbers mean in laymans terms? Is the difference slight or considerable?

  Taff™ 10:21 30 Nov 2012

The benchmarks are typically tests which evaluate the performance of processors when pushed to the limit by processing standard and heavy duty tasks using software. For example masses of calculations, simulated game play and using multiple programs at the same time. These tests might also include the amount of power consumption and temperature variations I'm not sure. I am sure someone can give more detailed information but in laymans terms that's it! It's rather like a health check for a person. Read more detailed info Here

In my opinion they are a guide to the relevant difference of the processors and in this case the difference is not that great. You need to ask yourself the question - what is the computer going to be used for? If it's just surfing the internet, Word Processing,watching videos or YouTube pretty much any computer will do that for you. If however, you want it to do video editing, 3D rendering on CAD software, and complex image manipulation the two processors you are looking at should cope reasonably well. They are both in the mid range of processors but I suspect that depending on the capabilities of the motherboard they are on might alter their individual performance.

Imagine a 2 litre engine in a small family car and one in a sports model designed to harness and optimise the power under the bonnet!

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