Processor AMD K6 running too slowly for broadband

  B4HS 10:57 29 Jun 2005

Have AMD K6(tm) 3D 500Mhz processor, Windows 98SE. Can't sign up for BT Broadband because their check of my computer finds my processor is not running fast enough, they require a minimum of 233Mhz. So, how come my 500Mhz procesor is running slower than 233Mhz and how do I fix it ?

  dan11 13:24 29 Jun 2005

Download cpu-z and run. click here

This will tell you, your clock speed ( cpu), motherboard details and more importantly the size and speed of your ram.

  dan11 13:34 29 Jun 2005

If it is showing sub 500Mhz. You will have to post the motherboard make and model.

  B4HS 17:11 29 Jun 2005

Thanks Dan 11. Done that, the results show:

Core Speed 250.6 MHz L1 data 32 Kbyte
Multiply x5 L2 code 32 Kbyte
FSB 50.1 MHz
Bus Speed 50.1 MHz

Mnfr. MSI Inc.
Model ALADDIN5 version 1.0
Chipset ALI Aladdin 5
*bridge ALI M1533

American Megatrends
0626 (or C626)
Date: 07/15/95

Is this enough information ?

  bruno 17:28 29 Jun 2005

My son-in-law has a K6 on 233m and he runs Tesco broadband no problem.

  woodchip 17:43 29 Jun 2005

Ignore BT

  dan11 18:01 29 Jun 2005

Are you sure it is a k6 500Mhz. If it is, you have the fsb set at 50Mhz instead of 100Mhz.

I'll see if I can locate the manual and the jumper settings needed to wind it

  B4HS 18:06 29 Jun 2005

Hi dan11

Have just run a freeware EVEREST that does similar job to your cpu-z.

It said in its CPU report "No CPU L2 cache found. This may cause a performance penalty"

In its CPUID report it said "SSE is not supported. Upgrade your CPU to speed up applications"

Also said my BIOS was very old - 1999.

Any help ?

  dan11 23:01 29 Jun 2005

My satalitte internet connection has been down since 6pm.:-(

I think I have found the jumper settings.

Have you got a 6 block jumper setting S1 click here To the right of pci 2.

If so the settings for a 500Mhz cpu are

pin 1 ( top ) no jumper

pin 2 jumpered

pin 3 jumpered

pin 4 no jumper

pin 5 no jumper

pin 6 no jumper

If you ave this pin block, try that.

If not, post back, as this is for rev 2.0

  B4HS 00:24 30 Jun 2005

Thanks Dan11, I really appreciate your efforts -and you have made my day ! The last time I got seriously inside a piece of electrical stuff was in 1946 when I built a six valve radio set. The notion that I should set foot inside a computer at 75 is both flattering and unnerving. But nothing venture, nothing gain. Will give it a go, might take me a couple of days to pluck up courage enough to get the back off but I will report back eventually. And it will give you time to stop laughing ! Thanks again

  De Marcus 00:42 30 Jun 2005

One of the best thankyou's I've ever seen on this forum, and well deserved, well done Dan11, if only I could motivate my father of similar age to get down to the nitty gritty.

P.S. B4HS, no laughing involved, let us know how you get on.

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