Processor allways running at 100%

  Sben 11:37 23 Apr 2004

When I use system monitor it shows my processor always running at 100%. This is with no programs running in Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) except Explorer & Systray.
My RAM memory usage is also very high with swap file coming into use with just a couple of applications running.
I can now run less than half the applications that I used to before the system crashes / locks up.
My processor is a 1.7GHz Pentium with 256M Ram. Operating system is Windows ME.
Colleages from work with who I regularly exchange emails are experiencing similar problems.
My computer and those of my colleages have been scanned for virses / trojans and appear to be clear.
I have thoroughly cleaned the processor fan and heatsink of dust so the processor should not be overheating.

Can anyone help?

  poogles_uk 11:40 23 Apr 2004

Are you running CPUidle as that always has cpu at 100% on task manager when actuall it isn't

  Sben 11:44 23 Apr 2004

Thanks for the suggestion poogles_uk but I am not running CPUidle

  Sethhaniel 11:54 23 Apr 2004

Are there any older programs among them

  Sben 12:01 23 Apr 2004

Processor runs at 100% even after booting with all programs disabled from startup folder using system configuration utility (start-run-msconfig).
Usual applications run on computer are Word, Excel, Access, (Office XP) IE, Outlook Express etc.

  Sethhaniel 12:45 23 Apr 2004

Control Panel - System - Advanced - Performance options -

Not disabled is it??!

  Sben 13:07 23 Apr 2004

Sethhaniel - my system (ME) does not show swapfile size though method stated. Through windows explorer the size of WIN386.SWP (swapfile?) is shown as 450,560kB. However this is shown as not being modified since 18/04/04 although System Monitor shows that it is in use whenever more than 2 applications are running ie every day inc today. How can I tell if it is disabled?

  Sethhaniel 08:56 26 Apr 2004

look for 'let windows manage memory (recomended)' (( the swap file ))or you can fix it to a set size -

  Sben 09:04 26 Apr 2004

Sethanial - the 'let windows manage my virtual memory settings (recommended)' is checked and there is 6.8GB of disc space available.

  spencer boy 09:47 26 Apr 2004

Hi - sorry for butting in here - my pc has started to run high aswell. So just following this thread for any ideas. Haven't looked at what is running in the background yet - but would the fact that i have just had broadband installed effect the speed of the system. When i get home from work tonite i will follow the above ideas.


  Xevious 10:09 26 Apr 2004

run a full virus scan? or something like spybot?

try it!

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