someboyathome 15:45 04 Dec 2003

Hey my friend claims he has a syntax processor imported from Japan, I haven’t yet seen it but apparently its 4x faster than anything out at the moment. He acted like I was an idiot as I had never heard of it?

I do know my computers and this sounds a load of rubbish too me. But I just wanted to confirm as I’m unsure of how computer experienced he was.

Also he claimed there was CDRW that had a turbo button (I know it sounds ridiculous) that are illegal (he hasn’t got one) but I couldn’t really see the point.

I’m not an idiot and definitely not gullible, I have searched the internet and found a syntax motherboard on eBay. But that’s about it.

Please can you tell me if he is a genius or big fat liar?


  Mr_Nice_Guy 15:57 04 Dec 2003

the only fast processors out at the moment are 64 bit ones, and there really isnt much point in them atm as most 32 bit ones run most applications of this day. Have'nt heard of a syntax processor before, and 4x faster does sound ridiculous.

  ThePharcyde007 15:58 04 Dec 2003

No it exists it runs at 8Ghz using silicon implants unter the transistors to give it that special plumpness

  someboyathome 16:10 04 Dec 2003

Is there anywhere on the net that I can look at this? Do you thin it would be possible for him to have one and is it the same sort of processor that we are use to at the moment.

Also he apparently hacks, places like Microsoft etc. and I do kind of believe him as his life = computers.

Many Thanks on any replys

  someboyathome 16:18 04 Dec 2003

no im serious, dont think that the forum editor will be very impressed with you recommending porn sites........

I just want to know about the syntax processor

  plankton 16:30 04 Dec 2003

I don't know what use this is but click here= is the search I came up with. It is not porn, coz I checked. I don't understand a word, and I've worked with computers for nnnnnn years! (Mind you some was in Japanese, so it didnt help....) It only looks like a concept theory - I didn't notice any for me where if they're that good!

You're not trying to out-do each other, r u?

  plankton 16:36 04 Dec 2003

I've noticed on one of the links there are some mobos made by Syntax, but cant seem to find details.....still looking.....;o)

  someboyathome 16:39 04 Dec 2003

Yeah, thats where i searched, he said it was a japanese company, but there is also a US company called syntax, but its not them. Its the japanese one.

Im not competing, just as was over the moon with my P4 3.0GHZ HyperThreading etc. then he came and burst my bubble with something that I have never heard of.

I have even tried looking on the eBay Japan site but its been pulled click here

  plankton 16:40 04 Dec 2003

PS if you suspect your m8 is hacking or producing nasty stuff you should report him. I'm sure the FE would be interested in that.....

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