Processes in Task manager!!

  betina 13:30 07 Oct 2006

Betina would appreciate some sound advise regarding the number of processes running in the task manager on her pc!! At the moment i have 60 running and have been informed by a friend this to be quite excessive!!! and that a good running pc is around 20. I am a little confused by this i do admit that i am still learning about ram and gigabytes etc, and still find this abit of a quandry. However when i look at the graphs in task manager they are peaked at the very top. Am i running too many processes and do i have to upgrade my memory??? Another friend informed me that i have plenty memory and plenty space in my drives. Maybe i should stop listening to my friends as other than this my pc is working fine i would appreciate some help guys

  Jackcoms 13:50 07 Oct 2006

It depend on a number of factors including how many programs you allow to run at start up and the number of user accounts on the PC.

For example, we have 4 users on this PC.

If only one of us is logged in we have 41 running process.

If all 4 of us are logged in, that jumps to 63.

To disable some background processes go to Start; Run and type msconfig. Click OK. Then have a look under the Startup tab.

This will help you decide which process can safely be disabled or not click here

  ade.h 14:04 07 Oct 2006

An XP system with nothing else on it will run at least 20 or so. Mine have around 25, and that's with unnecessary Windows services turned off. That's lower than average.

  DieSse 15:11 07 Oct 2006

At this very moment I have 44 processes running - I consider my computer well set up and not running any unnecessary processes. Neither do they impact the performance of the system.

60 sounds higher than normal - but it depends what you wish to be running.

Apart from protection (AV, firewall, etc) and maybe any messenger you like to use - apart from Windows own processes there is very little else that actually needs to be running.

Is your system performing OK? - how much RAM do you have (disk space is not relevant to running processes)? - and whatb OS is it?

  betina 15:53 07 Oct 2006

Betina here,
wow! guys what a speedy response(am i impressed)!! Well here goes i hope iv,e got this right,(as i said am not to savvy at working out ram etc.,) can,t you just tell i so failed maths. I have a Packard Bell PC Intel r, Pentium r, 4 CPU,3.06 GHz 1.00GB of RAM. I have looked at what i hope is my memory!!!! it states Total Paging File Size For All Drives:-
Minimum Allowed :- 2MB
Recommended :- 1534 MB
Currently Allocated :- 1535 MB
Space Available :- 23377 MB

I am currently running Norton IS 2005,Spywareblaster,adaware,Spybot SE(teatimer disabled),(SpywareDoctor, which i beleive takes up alot of ram!)and have IE6, Windows Home edition version 2002 service pack 2. i recently download Mcaffee SiteAdviser. I uninstalled some programs already in my pc when i purchased it and may do so with others i feel i won,t use. My reason for the above mentioned security programs was that i was advised that layered protection was better for my pc! what would you advise??? I hope i have helped with my non techie details and that you will excuse my inexperience in all things related,but wish to assure your help would be invaluable to this poor wee newbee. many thanks

  cycoze 16:07 07 Oct 2006

If you want an easy way of finding out what the actual proccesses are that are running try`s Quick Access program (free and 344kb), from click here

Once installed it can be kept switched off or made to run at boot, the program adds a small icon to each process shown in Windows Task Manager Proccesses, by clicking on any processes icon a web page will open giving details of that particular process and wheyher it is critical or not.

Once you have identified what processes are not critical you will have to manually stop them from starting.

  betina 17:04 07 Oct 2006

Many thanks cycoze have just downloaded Quick Access and am now off to have look see, i now feel i have a little bit more control of my pc instead of the other way around !!!and your help is very much appreciated. happy pc-ing

  betina 17:09 07 Oct 2006

Betina wishes to thank all you guys for your help i have clicked on your links and taken onboard all your advise so hope to hear from you again for future help and who knows i may be able to impart some knowledge of my own sometime
many thanks

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