lew0.5 10:56 31 May 2006

Is it right that i have like 68 processes runing at one time on my PC. I can view them all when i do ctrl alt delete.

i have aol which make up about six or summit but thats to be expected

  johnnyrocker 10:59 31 May 2006

i have xp pro and average running processess with a couple of windows open runs at 42 so i would think you have a few too many maybe, run msconfig and have alook at what you dont need.


  bobbybowls 14:11 31 May 2006

42 i have 33 running do as johnnyrocker said and stop a few running if you are not sure what one is ask some one will know if it is needed

  Jackcoms 14:17 31 May 2006

I assume you are using XP.

The number of processes will depend on the number of Users and the number of programs which run in the background at startup.

We have 4 users on this PC. If only one person is logged in, running processes average 43 or 44.

If all four of us are logged in that jumps to 67 or 68.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:34 31 May 2006

the services that run in the background. click here

  Jimmy14 17:53 31 May 2006

processes running at the moment

  Stuartli 17:56 31 May 2006

I have 42 running including Firefox - only that and System Idle are currently showing other than 0 per cent.

  ed-0 18:45 31 May 2006

WOW!!! 68

I'm just running 18.

Have you got a lot of ram;-)

  lew0.5 22:47 31 May 2006

i have 480mb of ram
and an amd athlon 2400+ 2.01GHz

the list of processes are

alg.exe local service
aol.acsd.exe system
aoldial.exe adminstrator
aolhostmanager.exe adminstrator
aolservicehost.exe adminstrator
aolservicehost.exe adminstrator
aolsp scheduler.exe adminstrator
aoltpspd.exe adminstrator
ccapp.exe adminstrator
ccevtmgr.exe system
ccproxy.exe system
ccsetmgr.exe system
csrss.exe system
ctfmon.exe adminstrator
datalayer.exe adminstrator
dslagent.exe adminstrator
dslstat.exe adminstrator
explorer.exe adminstrator
fts.exe adminstrator
hpqgalry.exe adminstrator
hpqtra08.exe adminstrator
hpwuschd2.exe adminstrator
hpziom12.exe system
instan~1.exe adminstrator
issch.exe adminstrator
jusched.exe adminstrator
lsass.exe system
mpbtn.exe adminstrator
msmsgs.exe adminstrator
navapsvc.exe system
nclconf.exe adminstrator
ncltray.exe adminstrator
nprotect.exe system
nscrvce.exe system
pib.exe adminstrator
qttask.exe adminstrator
radio.exe adminstrator
remind32.exe adminstrator
rundll32.exe adminstrator
rundll32.exe adminstrator
servicelayer.exe adminstrator
services.exe system
shellmon.exe system
smss.exe system
sndsrvc system
spbbcsvc.exe system
spoolsv.exe system
svchost.exe system
svchost.exe system
svchost.exe network service
svchost.exe system
svchost.exe network service
svchost.exe local service
symlcsvc.exe system
system system
system idle process system
taskmgr.exe adminstrator
tbps.exe adminstrator
tbpssvc.exe system
waol.exe adminstrator
wcescomm.exe adminstrator
winlogon.exe system
wmiprvse.exe system
wuauclt.exe adminstrator

that em all wow that took ages

a few things to add i do have

one user myself
msn messenger
norton anti virus
no networking

that all i can think of just now

  ed-0 23:02 31 May 2006

Athlon 64 with 512Mb of ram. click here and one of the processes is photo impression that always takes 100% cpu usage;-)

  De Marcus™ 23:35 31 May 2006

Far, far to many, you'll probably find that by disabling programs in the startup list (msconfig) that you could release a lot of your cpu's/memory for other tasks and notice a slight speed up.

Just a quick scan of your list I note at least these which are unneccessary:

wcescomm.exe - Microsoft ActiveSync Connection Manager

tbpssvc.exe - nero toolbar (do you really need this running?)

tbps.exe - SPYWARE!!!!!!

servicelayer.exe - Nokia Connectivity Library - as above, unneccessary.

If I had time, I'd go through the list, but I don't, so here's a few to get rid of straight away, realplayer, the aforementioned spyware, neo toolbar, HP monitoring software, Nokia software, quicktime, fts.exe is removeable without consequence, pib.exe is spyware - PIB Toolbar Spyware, and that's just a few to be getting on with. Your best bet is to visit and join a site like click here for infection removal.

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