process using all CPU

  User-5A2C35D3-5510-41EE-832DA0214ACACAF6 09:06 19 Feb 2004

a process called IMApp.exe is using 100% of the CPU. What is this? i keep ending the process but it always returns after a reboot.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:19 19 Feb 2004

Something to do with Incredimail. click here

  GlobalPC 09:24 19 Feb 2004

Go to start/run and type in MSCONFIG.
On the STARTUP tab uncheck the exe that's running then say OK and restart. That will stop the prog running at startup but sorry, don't know hat it is...

  GlobalPC 09:26 19 Feb 2004

Just found this:

Iamapp IAMAPP.exe

(Symantec) Background task which is an essential part of the Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall security products. Do not confuse this task with the IncrediMail IMApp task described further down on this page.

Recommendation :
Leave alone if you are using any of the above two products.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:27 19 Feb 2004

To stop a process, have a look at click here and his articles re. processes for WinXP / 2K.

  GlobalPC 09:28 19 Feb 2004

...and this


(IncrediMail Ltd)
This is the IncrediMail email program which you either have open or minimized to the System Tray. Do not confuse this task with IAMAPP described earlier in these pages (Norton Personal Firewall).

Recommendation :
We first got acquainted with IncrediMail in early 2002 when trying to solve numerous crashes on a PC. Well, from that time to today, 3-Dec-2003, we have yet to ever come across a PC with IncrediMail which was not suffering from horrendous problems, whether it be unbelievable slowness because IncrediMail was consuming most of the CPU capacity, to KERNEL32 errors, illegal operations, Internet Explorer crashes, and more, and more, and more. All such problems would disappear with the de-installation of IncrediMail ! We do not have one single good word to say about this program which has caused our clients endless nightmares whenever an end-user thought it a good idea to install it on their PC. If you want a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, our advice is to de-install IncrediMail via the “Add/Remove Program” icon in the Control Panel (also delete any references to IncrediMail in The Ultimate Troubleshooter) and then use a program like FoxMail available on our Downloads page. 17-Dec-2003 update : we have had one AnswersThatWork user today making a point of telling us they have IncrediMail, have not experienced problems with it, and are a satisfied customer. Late December 2003 to January 2004 update : another five users tell us having used IncrediMail without problems but indicate using IncrediMail Premium, the non-free version – this may be a crucial difference as all the problems we have experienced at AnswersThatWork’s clients have all been with the free version.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:29 19 Feb 2004

GlobalPC: "Do not confuse this task with the IncrediMail IMApp task described further down on this page."

Looks like you just did!

it was incredimail (free version ) thanks for all you help

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