Procedures for Upgrading RAM.

  westgolf 13:48 27 Oct 2011

May I please ask for some advice / info.I want to upgrade the RAM on my desktop computer.My motherboard has 4 x dimm slots.2 are presently in use for RAM modules.I have checked tech details to ensure my system can accept additional RAM.I have extra modules on the way.I know how to install these & have the correct equipment.Do I have to go into BIOS to set up the system to allow the extra RAM to function ? OS is windows 7.If so ; How do I access the BIOS function ? Many thankx.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 27 Oct 2011

Just insert the new RAM (carefully)

If it does a RAM count on screen as you first boot you will see if the RAM has been registered.

Otherwise the amount of ram and cpu speed is shown in "Computer" when in windows.

  birdface 14:10 27 Oct 2011

Usually just get this to scan your computer and it will tell you what you need and how much it will cost.

  birdface 14:13 27 Oct 2011

Oops ignore my last comment and follow Fruit Bat /\0/.

  westgolf 14:17 29 Oct 2011

Many Thanks for the info.

  wossie 01:04 30 Oct 2011

First of all right click my computer and click properties, this will display info about your PC including Ram CPU etc. You should see the amount of ram installed. Next what Operating system are you running? XP, Vista, Windows 7? The 32 bit OS can recognise up to 3.5G of ram, 64 bit os up to 8Gb, maybe 16Gb and beyond. But you could be limited by the Motherboard chipset as to the amount of ram you can install. Also the Ram slots may only recognise 1Gb per slot, 2Gb per slot, single sided double sided etc. The world is your lobster..........

  lotvic 12:57 30 Oct 2011

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