probs since worm virus

  dfghjkl 20:47 16 Aug 2003

since i got rid of virus my pc seems to take about 2 minutes more to start and to shut down,also it wont remember my log on details for this site and a few others but not for all of them,the whole thing seems unstable,more often than not it freezes on boot up,but when i get it restarted it runs but i seem to be expecting it to crash,will i have to reformat?not the end of the world but a pain all the same,win xp pro,288 ram,i have downloaded and run patch from symantec,and from msn.i cant find virus on pc can u help please

  woodchip 20:55 16 Aug 2003

Look's like the easy fast way is to reformat and reinstall if you have all the drivers. But save all you Docs etc. If it's a restore disc it's usually just a restart with the CD in comp. But if it's a complete WinCD then just a normal format and reinstall. Or you could if it's just a WinDisc ?not Restore? run Windows Setup over it's self, then you will not lose anything

  mr gee 21:08 16 Aug 2003

have you got coffeecup pop up stopper on ?? if you have clear the check box to clear cookies on shut down

  dfghjkl 21:40 16 Aug 2003

i dont have coffeecup,i do have zone alarm,it has been acting strange,it keeps asking me if i want to run and install things that i have already done before,i have a full xp disc i reformatted when i assembled pc about 3 months ago,i dont have mobo driver but xp seemed to have it because it has been running fine up to monday night.also it tells me that i have new programs every time i click start,when i dont,

  Chegs ® 22:35 16 Aug 2003

Which version of ZA are u using? I ask as I have just had exactly the same symptoms for the last couple of weeks,even format/re-install of XP only worked for a couple of days.I gave up on ZA Pro 4 and went back to ZA 3025,which I had been using for 12 mths previously.It also updated to 3125 and I had several crashes created by (according to xp's error log)True Vector Monitor,so I went back to 3025 then too.Seems later versions of ZA don't like my puter. :-)

  dfghjkl 22:41 16 Aug 2003

i am on free zone alarm,i am to tight to pay for pro,the free one flagged the worm virus,but i let it in in a moment of madness

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