Probs sending mail via Outlook on new NTL account

  domtheboy 17:50 08 Nov 2003

Hi all

I've just this week had a broadband connection set up with NTL. I'm using Outlook 2002 and have had no problems recieving mail, but I'm having difficulty sending it.

When I try to send mail I recieve a mail report titled "Undeliverable". The mail gives a summary of the address that I have tried to post to and also a message that says "Error 550 Administrative Prohibition".

I've never come across this error before, and so the gauntlet is thrown down - does anyone know what this means ?

My undying gratitude to anyone who can help.



  Forum Editor 17:57 08 Nov 2003

1. Disconnect the ADSL modem from its electrical supply.

2. Go and make a cup of tea/coffee

3. Come back and plug the modem in again - wait for it to handshake with the remote exchange equipment.

4. When all is well, try to send/receive.

So, do I have your undying gratitude...............or not quite?

  domtheboy 18:06 08 Nov 2003

Hi there

I've just tried disconnecting and then reconnecting the power supply but to no avail. Is there a recommended length of time to leave the power supply disconnected while it resets itself ?

  wyatt earp 18:24 08 Nov 2003

Hi Dom, take a look at the server staus page from NTL click here

They are currently having probs with their mail servers (again!!) which could be the reason.

  domtheboy 18:29 08 Nov 2003

Aha - thanks for that Wyatt Earp - have just noticed something while I was checking the setting suggested by ??Ł?.

I noticed that the default email account that was set up was my old freeserve one from when I was using a dial up connection. I've now set the ntl one as the default one and it seems to be working okay. Thanks to you all for your suggestions.

I may be asking dumb question of the month here, but do ntl regularly have problems with their email servers ?

  wyatt earp 18:31 08 Nov 2003

Yes there does seem to be a history of it although i am sure they are doing all they can to sort it.


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