Probs installing Malwarebytes - missing .dll files

  AroundAgain 15:42 15 Oct 2013

Hi I'm hoping one of you out there can help me here. I'm at a friend's PC because it's having issues with all sorts of pop ups and then the browser freezes and so can do nothing.

So, this machine is running Win XP, Internet Expl and Firefox. I've managed to download Malwarebytes, installed but on clicking the Finish button, a window then said 'blah blah blah .dll missing', click ok then another window to say another dll missing etc.

On clicking the shortcut to run this, the same windows appear, saying dll's missing.

I have managed to get Spybot installed and it is currently scanning the system

I have tried a System Restore but it didn't seem to have a Restore Point. I've also tried downloading Malwarebytes again while in Safe Mode but it made no difference. Would it be of any benefit to try installing MB while in Safe Mode? I'm wondering if whatever 'bug/malware' is in machine has disabled these dll files in some way - is that something that happens?

I would appreciate any further advice, re installing Malwarebytes, plus any other suggestions to get this machine running as normal again.

Thanks very much for any help you guys have to offer


  lotvic 16:00 15 Oct 2013

"having issues with all sorts of pop ups"

More details are needed, it might be a browser toolbar or addin that has been installed and is causing the problems. This will require more work to remove than just running 'anti' programs.

Where did you download Malwarebytes from?

  lotvic 16:06 15 Oct 2013

If you have installed Malwarebytes ok but it won't run...

Start - All Programs - Malwarebytes - Tools - Malwarebytes AntiMalware Chameleon (click on the icon 'yellow ? on a sheet of paper')

You will then get a new window come up that gives you instructions and something to click on to run Malwarebytes in Chameleon mode.

  AroundAgain 16:35 15 Oct 2013

Lotvic, thanks for your response

Firstly, I downloaded Malwarebytes from which, I'm led to believe, is one of the 'safer' ones, not getting other junk downloaded.

The 'pop ups' are varied, it seems. During the time I've been working on this machine, just this afternoon, the webpage has changed to something entirely different, even after clicking on Download for Malwarebytes on, and it was wanting me to click on Download for some sort of player. The webaddress at the top wasn't filehippo!

Other windows were clearly advertising and the person clicked on 'X' to close each time.

I have, since my post, discovered that there are a number of toolbars that have been 'inflicted' on the PC. I can't remember all of them (they were shown in Spybot scan), namely Babylon, Delta, several others that I've never heard of before.

Currently, we're in Safe Mode and doing another scan with Spybot. There were something like 579 issues in the first scan, which is where I noticed all the toolbars. I appreciate they will take different methods to remove.

I'm going to leave TeamViewer with him to install later, so I can continue with this from home as it's taking so long ;)

As for Malwarebytes not running, we'll look into your instructions and see what we can do.

Thanks, I will post back when I have something to report.

Please keep all/any suggestions coming. All is much appreciated.

  lotvic 17:08 15 Oct 2013

I suggest using the free removal guides (with screenshots) on click here and their forum list of guides click here

  AroundAgain 17:38 15 Oct 2013

Thanks again, lotvic. What a comprehensive range of guides. I've left Spybot doing its scan now. I think I will swap a pc I have for the one that needs this doing to, so I can work at home. Lucky that I have a friend's 'old' PC here, now that she has a new one with Win 8, which she loves!!!

I'll try those methods you have given links for when I next have access to that PC and will let you know the outcome, or any further advice wanted.

Again, thanks so very much for your help this afternoon. Hopefully, with all your help, this should be solved within a day or two. :)


  AroundAgain 17:58 15 Oct 2013

OK, thanks Jock1e. Thanks for suggesting that one. If necessary, will give it a try :) Cheers

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