problms getting my old messages back into outlook

  Emperor Penguin 19:05 14 Aug 2005

due to numerous problems i had to start a fresh installation of windows. i saved the identities folder and all its contents from my old outlook express in the hope that my old messages could be retained. However, after putting the old file in place of the new one the old messages are not showing up in outlook express. I am having exactly the same problem with the message archive of yahoo messenger - i put the old archives file back in place of the new one but the messages are not showing up, actually it's worse than that insomuch as when i come back to view the folder in which i have just deposited the old message archive it isn't there anymore. How can i get this sorted out? i did the outlook express file transfer thing once before and it worked then but not this time. any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

  Pineman100 19:19 14 Aug 2005

I tried doing exactly the same thing as you once, with exactly the same result that you got. So far as I can tell, the only way to get your old contacts, inbox, sent items, etc. etc. back into a newly installed Outlook is to export them from the old installation to a .csv file and then reimport them to the new installation. (See: File>Import/Export). From your post I suspect that this suggestion is probably too late for you.
Someone more expert than me may have a solution for you, but if not.....!

  DieSse 00:02 15 Aug 2005

You don't have to do any exporting of OE files first - you can simply import them into your new setup. You can't do it by just copying the files, you must run the import.

Run the File - Import wizard - then at the point when asked, browse to the folder which contains your old folders (Inbox etc). Don't go to the files themselves - just to the folder containg them. Then they should import OK.

Sorry can't help with Yahoo.

  scotty 09:41 15 Aug 2005

I assume you have saved the various dbx files (Inbox.dbx etc) from your old installation and are now trying to replace the equivalent files in your new installation?

Points to check:

If you have copied files to a CD they will have been set to read only. When you copy back to pc, you must reset the read only flag.

In the directory with the Inbox.dbx file, you will find a file named Folders.dbx. You need to delete this file. It will be necessary to reorganise the folders into the required structure after deleting this file.

It is surprising that your files are disappearing. Check that you have selected to view hidden and system files.

What you are trying to do is possible as I have recently done the same.

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