Problenms with internal alarms.

  User-CDCF2885-6816-419B-B3140002FF3832B6 15:45 31 Dec 2003

I am experiencing alternating alarm beebs from inside my computer (P3 450 Mhz)then experiencing complete system crash and freezes after running some older games.

I have recently changed op systems from Win98 to WinXP, due to experiencing this problem when running Hidden and Dangerous 1.

It seemed to occur after i had to replace the power supply. I matched it with the guy in the shop fitted it as carefully as I could, attached powering to the baord and hardware etc correctly.

Now I have just solved a 3DFX problem for Deus X 1, was really happy then major crash and alarm beebs from inside the case occured again.

Is there any maintainence or physical checks i can do to get an understanding of what this is and how to fix it.

Anyone any ideas??????
Help please.

  hugh-265156 15:52 31 Dec 2003

in your bios you may have a high temperature alarm setting enabled whereby when a certain cpu or case temperature is reached the system shuts down and or an alarm sounds.

check your hardware monitor in your bios to see the settings and monitor the temperature of cpu and case.

to enter your bios look at the screen when the computer is first switched on,it will say something like "hit F1 to enter set up" or similar. also see click here

  DieSse 15:52 31 Dec 2003

Alarm beeps when running are usually down to temperature or voltages or fan failures. The crashing will be from the same cause I would expect.

If your BIOS has a section where you can see fan speds and voltages, have a look when re-booting - you could probably see what is out of specification.

Ok guys I have tried a test.

I ran the programme whgich i new crashed the system, to recreate the problem. It crashed. But I heard when pressing Esc. that a sound was made I left it un touched for a moment, then CTRL ALT Delete. Which then brought me to Task Master. Deus EX was not responding, then Task Master disappered, and Deus Ex was running.
I restored the running programme and contunied on until I got the alarms and beebs, and so crashed the system.

I unplugged re booted and entered Bois, and Chipset gave me this report.
Slow down duty cycle : Normal.
Shutdown temp : disabled
Temp Select CPU 70C/158f
Temp Alarm CPU :NO
Current Temp :43C
Fan Fail Alarm CPU:NO Poewer:NO Panal:NO
Fan Speed CPU 4560 Power:No Panal:No
Current VoltageVcore 2.06 VGTL 1.52 VCC 3.04
+5v 4.97 +12v 12.52 -12v 12.19
-5v 5.20 Vbat 3.10 5VSB 5.10

What this means and how I interpret this into a solution I dont know.
Any ideas??????

  Stuartli 16:32 31 Dec 2003

Have you also checked that your case fans are pulling/pushing the air in the right direction; also that each fan is actually working?

Case fans are usually marked with the air flow direction.

You should also check that the air flow through the case is as unobstructed as possible to keep component temperatures down.

  Stuartli 16:35 31 Dec 2003

The answer would appear to lie in what you posted just before me i.e. CPU fan failure alarm.

Your CPU appears to be getting too hot because the fan is not working or can't get the processor cool enough.

  Stuartli 16:37 31 Dec 2003

You should check your power connections once more as you seemed to have missed at least one of them to the CPU fan.

An overheating CPU will exhibit the symtoms you have described; just as well otherwise it will be only fit for the rubbish bin.

  hugh-265156 16:48 31 Dec 2003

looks to me like no alarm is set in your bios???

"Current Temp :43C" is ok if its the cpu temp, a wee bit on the high side if its the case temp.

"Shutdown temp : disabled" so looks like its not set to sut down on excess heat"

"Fan Speed CPU 4560" seems to be working ok.

i would take the side of the case and have a look at the fans and double check they are all spinning.

check all the connections to the psu and fan to cpu connectors again.

  hugh-265156 16:50 31 Dec 2003

"fan to cpu connectors again"

read as

fan to psu and fan to motherboard connectors again.

Yea but on the last posting, the CPU fan failure alarm. States that the setting is CPU :NO

So should this not be disabled.

If so then why are the beebs still audible.
If not is it dagerous to the mobo to carry on.

The CPU and Fan device on the board has not changed since I have owned the computer and this has developed since I replaced the power supply.This i was assurred was the same one as I pyhsically took in the old one.

What can I do about this problem?
In the mean time I will check the fan again, but Im sure its correctly fitted.

Thanks again.

  hugh-265156 17:08 31 Dec 2003

"Fan Fail Alarm CPU:NO"

to me this would suggest the alarm for fan failure is not enabled.

what is the rating of power suppily and what hardware do you have installed?

why did you need to replace the old psu?

maybe you could do with a higher rated psu if you have added extra hardware.

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