problems with zotac gt 640

  robmartin519 09:24 02 Jul 2013

OK, I bought a new desktop last week. It has a crappy psu, and vid card, so I bought a dynex 400W psu, and a zotac gt 640. Low and behold, when I install the card, it gives me no display during boot up, but as soon as windows is loaded, i get a display. Please try not to focus on the crappy psu, I understand that it could be the culprit, but is it possible, that I am using a dvi cable instead of HDMI. I know it isn't the monitor, or the cable. The amperage on the power supply is a total of 22A on a 12V rail. (8 on first 14 on second)

Thanks in advance

  Chronos the 2nd 10:33 02 Jul 2013

You have not really got problems, you just do not see the post screen. Neither do I with my 670 and I am connected via DVI. But it might well be that my PC boots so quickly that it does not wait for scans of connections on my monitor to be completed before it boots to desktop.

In my case it also might be that my secondary monitor, a Dell Ultrasharp 24" shows as monitor one and my 27" shows as monitor 2. The 24" is connected via HDMI and of course the 27" is my main monitor.

Provided your PC is working fine then there is nothing to be concerned about.

  robmartin519 01:33 03 Jul 2013

OK, maybe I didn't explain this right. Let's say, there is a catastrophe, and I want to reinstall windows 8. Right now, I can't do that with this card because I can't see anything on the screen. But, as soon as windows 8 loads, no problem, I get a display and everything! Also, please note, I only have one monitor.

  Chronos the 2nd 04:41 03 Jul 2013

You still do not have problems. Should you need to install windows you will see everything as Windows only uses basic drivers initially and you will see the whole process of installation.

Tge way on my recently upgraded HTPC build, where I have added a GTX 660ti I do not see a post screen on this monitor either.

I have the time I will look into why this is so but as a post screen tells me nothing I don't already know I do not see it as an important issue.

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