Problems with Works 2001

  Daffers 11:48 11 Dec 2003

I wanted to make Greetings Cards through Picture It! a few weeks ago. I was told to insert the 2001 Works disk but could not access Picture It! so decided to reinstall. Each time I tried to uninstall Picture it! or Works, I received the message 'Internal Error Uninstall Shoebox DLL' halfway through the uninstallation process. This has now affected Outlook Express; each time I click on SEND I get messages saying the computer is trying to install Picture It!, it then requests the disk to be inserted, then an Error Message 1706, followed by various other error messages saying 'Msimn has caused an error in INETCOM.DLL, Msimn will now close', and 'DLL file CPITOOL5.DLL not found'. In order to send messages on Outlook Express I now have to 'SEND LATER' and restart the computer to be able to dial out. Each time the computer starts or restarts I get another message 'A required .DLL file WKWINUN1.DLL was not found'. By cancelling this, all other functions seem to be working all right.

I have used Scandisk (thorough) and defragmenter, which have had no effect.

The computer is a Medion, running Windows ME, and until now has been faultless.

Someone help me retain my sanity!


  jim1947 11:55 11 Dec 2003

Try a system restore to a known good configuration point.

  alcudia 12:20 11 Dec 2003

Type shoebox.dll into Google. There are a number of sites that may help you.

  Gongoozler 12:24 11 Dec 2003

Hi Daffers. This is the nightmare situation that sometimes happens when an installation goes wrong, and is why regular backups are so important, but of course none of us does them, and it's easy to be wise after the event. This situation may only be resolved by backing up all your important files and starting again with a clean installation of Windows and all your programs.

I have tried investigationg your many error messages. In the following links, I have repeated them with spaces inserted to prevent them being converted to "Click here", in case the process corrupts them.

'Internal Error Uninstall Shoebox DLL' appears to be covered in this article: click here;EN-US;Q279221#appliesto

http: //;EN-US;Q279221#appliesto

The CPITOOL5.DLL message is referred to here:
click here;en-us;303508#appliesto

http: //;en-us;303508#appliesto

Hopefully one or both these Microsoft articles helps, and you can avoid a reformat and reinstall.

  Daffers 21:16 15 Dec 2003

Thanks to all who helped. I searched for 'Shoebox.DLL' with Google and was put in touch with PCDoctorOnCall - took out a year's subscription and the problem was fixed in seconds! Happy Christmas!!


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