Problems with Word97 running on Windows98

  deneka 21:35 04 Aug 2003

Hi, For some unknown reason, i am having trouble typing in Bold text and it keeps coming up with the error message 'winword - an error has occured in your program.' and then says 'This program has preformed an illegal operation and will be shut down.' When i click on details it says 'WINWORD caused a general protection fault in module GDI.EXE at 0026:000014a0.'
If anyone knows what this means or could help me out i would be very grateful. Just to let you know i dont have the original Windows disc's so cannot reaload the program.

  VoG II 21:55 04 Aug 2003

Do a search for NORMAL.DOT

Rename it to ABNORMAL.DOT

Start Word and see if it's fixed - if not please post back.

In case that doesn't work, do you have the Office/Word disks?

  deneka 22:03 04 Aug 2003

It didnt work !!! Also now i cannot find '' or '' so i dont know what has happened. I havent got any discs atall. I borrowed a 'windows98 second edition' off of a friend but i dont think this is any good. I have also checked the web to see if i could download any bits of word for free, but unfortunatly there is nothing. Any more ideas?

  VoG II 22:07 04 Aug 2003

Yes do the search again but this time ensure that you search for hidden files and folders. Sorry, my fault, I should have said that first time, aplologies.

  deneka 22:18 04 Aug 2003

Sorry i am useless, all i can see is the option to look in 'sub-folders' i cant see anything about hidden folders. 'sub-folders' is clicked and it still doesnt find or

  krypt1c 22:28 04 Aug 2003

Is this any use ?
click here

  deneka 22:34 04 Aug 2003

Thank you for that Krypt1c - however to me it doesnt make any sense because i am useless with pc's i only just about know how to use one.
So i know exactly what the error message was ( i have it written down) and i know exactly what i was doing at the time so what should i do now?

  VoG II 22:38 04 Aug 2003

Sorry I am not on a W98 machine at the moment and I cannot remember precisely how to do it in W98. If you can be patient somebody else will come to the rescue (woodchip? - I'll give him a nudge).

NORMAL.DOT is the default Word template and if it gets corrupted causes exactly the type of error that you describe. Deleting it causes Word to create a new version the next time that you run it and there is no need for any disks.

  pj123 22:47 04 Aug 2003 is normally found in C:\windows\application data\microsoft\templates find it there and delete it. Then start Word 97 again and it will make a new one.

  deneka 22:59 04 Aug 2003

Thank you all for your help (although i didnt understand most of it ) somehow i found my way.
i did as you advised pj123 and it is fixed. Thank you so so much for that.

  krypt1c 23:11 04 Aug 2003

As with most MS 'answers' sense has got little to do with it. Anyway, a root around various sites suggested by various search engines points to re-installing Office is the way to go.
You may be able to pick up a copy at a computer fair fairly cheaply. btw you can display hidden files in folder options. I'n not sure how it#s done in W98, but if you open help, selct index then key in hidden it should tell you how to view hidden files. best of luck

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