Problems with wireless settings.

  kingoftherodeo 17:36 18 Mar 2007

We have a wireless network in our house & the other 4 computers all have access to the internet via a wireless network. When I try to log on, I get the message 'page cannot be found'. Basically , when I type in the IP address, absolutely nothing happens & it just says 'done' in the bottom left hand corner. Netgear have told me to check for the wireless settings in the computer, but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help?
Many thanks.

  skidzy 17:53 18 Mar 2007

Check your security:

You may have have lost your WEP/WPA encryption key.

Re-enter this first.

Do the other pc/laptops have internet access ok ?
Is this one of the wireless machines or the host pc connected to the router by cable ?

Launch your Web browser. Enter "click here" into the address bar and press the "Enter" or "Return" key. this is your configuration page

  kingoftherodeo 18:04 18 Mar 2007

Sorry, but I am a complete novice when it comes to computers. How do I go about re-entering my WEP/WPA encryption key, & where do I find it?

Yes the other pcs all have access via the Netgear router & BT hubs which plug into the USB socket; I have one of those too. No pc is connected to the router by a cable.

  skidzy 18:16 18 Mar 2007

If you do not know the security key,you may have a small problem.This is assuming you have security enabled.

Personally i would use a flash drive (if you have one) and goto Control panel of one of the working pc's and select setup wireless network.Add to your network name. and follow the prompts.
The flash drive will carry over all the settings.

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