Problems with Windows XP PC

  xania 11:25 26 Apr 2011

I am looking at a friend's PC which is constantly freezing. I have managed to clear down quite a bit and now looking at running Chkdsk /r to clear any problems with the HHD. However, when the PC reboots, the system only starts the first check and stops at 2%. I have also tried running the defrag program to analyse the disk, but this just freezes the PC. Any thoughts before I go the whole hog a run a reinstall over the top?

The PC is running XP Pro SP2.

  wee eddie 11:41 26 Apr 2011

Don't know exactly where you're coming from but you have probably started in the right place.

Here are a couple of thoughts. Firstly have a good clean out with CCleaner link text

Then run your Chkdsk /r but expect it to take between 8 and 24 hours, depending on the size of the Hard Drive.

Thirdly you can try Defrag again, but remember to turn off all software, including Screen-savers and Automated Search Engines, if this has not been done for a while, 4 to 8 hours is the period you should allocate for this.

Malwarebytes should be in there somewhere link text as well as running an up-to-date AntiVirus.

Finally, install SP3 asap!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 26 Apr 2011

Start Windows in "Safe mode with Command Prompt" (F8 on startup) At the command prompt, enter chkdsk.exe^/f press Enter If Chkdsk wants to schedule a check at the next boot, say Yes enter shutdown^-r^-t^01 then press enter to restart Windows Chkdsk should run on restart

If still freezes at 2% the get a new drive :0(

  xania 12:46 26 Apr 2011

Wow - thanks for all this. I can conform that the hard disk is less than 20% utilised - frankly I would have partitioned it, but there you go. For the rest, I will run these over the next few hours and see what happens.

Thanks for all your help - I will report back.

  woodchip 13:17 26 Apr 2011

As above you need to leave check disc running

  xania 09:16 28 Apr 2011

Could do nothing with PC so took HHD out and attached it to my PC via USB caddy - then the fun started. Immedaitely Norton went wild and reported at least 3 trojans which it quanantined immediately. Then ran MBAM which deleted these and FIVE key-loggers.

Have now also run Chkdsk /r and Defragged before adding some decent security and will be retunring PC tomorrow.

Once agian thanks for all your help.

  Ian in Northampton 12:06 28 Apr 2011

Last time I had this problem, I fixed it by unplugging an external USB drive and plugging it into a different port. Strange but true...

  xania 13:10 28 Apr 2011

Ah - here the problem was internal and the drive running the OS. Putting it into an external hopper on a reliable PC enabled me to solve all the problems (once I relaised how many/serious they were).

Not sure how to close this incident on the new system, but I think it is now closed.

  lotvic 13:23 28 Apr 2011

To 'GreenTick' resolved, Choose the post that most answers your question and click on the big grey tick on the right and it will turn Green.

  xania 14:12 09 May 2011

Thanks - will do

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