johnpalmer 11:44 09 Oct 2004

I have recently had a total collapse of my hard drive, and being a complete twit, lost all my data due to not having a back up facility.

I have now had the failed 40gb hard drive replaced with a new 80gb one.

As MESH only supplied me with an ME recovery disc when new, it was a struggle to re-install the operating system satisfactorily.

The computer works OK, but a lot of the system tools were never re-installed (e.g. UK Language etc)for the keyboard settings.

I have two questions.

1. If I buy a FULL Windows ME CD, can I re-install over the existing operating system in order to 'repair' it, without losing the existing software etc.

2. The 80gb hard drive is partitioned into C: (39gb)and D:(34.5gb)and the D: section is completely unused and empty.

Can I install a completely seperate operating system on D:, for example XP, without affecting the C: drive.

I don't want to lose ME completely, as certain items of purchased software will not work on XP.


John Palmer

  Rogerfredo 11:59 09 Oct 2004

It seems a bit drastic to buy a new ME cd.
Can't you re-install the UK keyboard from the Add/ remove programs icon in Control Panel?
You certainly can install XP on a separate partition to ME and "dual boot" ( the opening screen giving the option to boot into either system.)

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