Problems with Windows Explorer on the net

  Will 22:04 28 Aug 2003

System: 1.4Mhz, 256 Ram, 6 and 20 gig hard drives windows 98 SE, Broadband Blue Yonder
Windows Explorer is playing up, on the net it is creating a row of files (like Pop ups from porn sites) on the bottom tool bar (up to 40 so far) and freezes the system. I have done the Norton utilities thing and virus checked but no joy. Any body any ideas? I fitted a new USB card yesterday but don't believe it could be this!

  OneSirKnight 22:14 28 Aug 2003

do you mean INTERNET explorer,windows explorer is for viewing windows and your PC files really. but anyway for your pop up problem try this full working evaluation program i found it very good

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