Problems when typing info on Exel

  ponytail 09:45 20 Mar 2017

Just had a strange problem when trying to enter some info on my Exel spreadsheet was trying to enter something into cell B192 and when I pressed the number key it went down to cell B194 and when I pressed a different number key it went across to column K.I had already entered the info in cell B191 and that was fine.Have just done a system restore which seems to have sorted it out but am wondering what happened in case it happens again.I must have pressed a wrong key somewhere.

  wee eddie 10:34 20 Mar 2017

Have you got the "NUM LOCK" key enabled

  ponytail 09:20 21 Mar 2017

Thank's wee eddie yes it was the number key there should be a red light to show when it is on or off.

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