Problems when PC Startup

  toogie 10:48 29 May 2010

I recently installed a new hard drive "C" (Master) and cloned everything from my old drive "F" (Slave). At first there were intermittent problems with start-up and then when opening my web browser, through Zone Alarm Extreme Security.
This has now deteriorated to the point where start-up takes many minutes and a ‘pop-up’ often appears “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
Also the ‘programs bar’ at the bottom of the screen goes from blue (normal) to cream. This is then followed by me having to re-boot the PC as neither the web browser (Firefox) or Outlook Express will open even though the computer is connected to the Internet.
The following may be relevant: Since installing the new larger drive I have not yet partitioned it because the software download “EASEUS” shows my old drive (80Gb) as “C” and my new drive (250Gb) as “F” i.e. the wrong way round! I am therefore reluctant to proceed.
I am also unable to get XP System Restore to work! A pop-up says “a problem was encountered and was going to close”
There are other problems but hopefully someone will be able to recommend some remedial action that may “repair “ all of these. I can only hope!

  gengiscant 11:20 29 May 2010

What program did you use to clone your drive? and have you change the jumper caps on your drives so that your new 250GB drive is now master and your old drive 80GB is slave?unless of course if you are going to use it as external backup, where it remains a master.

  toogie 21:20 30 May 2010

I used HDCLONE and did change the jumper caps so that the new 250Gb drive is the master and the old drive 80GB is slave. There was a problem with my old drive with a message at booting that it was bad and should be replaced which was why I bought the new 250Gb drive. Could the cloning from this damaged drive have affected the new drive?

  gengiscant 07:03 31 May 2010

It looks like you may well have a corrupt clone of your original C drive.
Probably a renstall of windows on your new drive would be best then copy your documents, files etc accross. You wiil need to install all your mobi, graphics card drivers etc, and reinstall your progams.

  toogie 16:41 31 May 2010

Thanks for the advice but that would take me full circle because I did a complete install originally, but because I had changed the Mainboard some years ago some drivers were missing. I spent a long time trying to bring everything up-to-date without success which is why I then cloned from the old drive. Are there any downloads or programs that I can use to try and identify the current problems. What I would like to know is what the significance of the message "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” is indicating!!

  gengiscant 17:48 31 May 2010

What is your mobo and your O/S?
All you have done is cloned the problems you were having on your old C drive.

AS for your question about "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” is indicating" It could be malware or an update related problem. Is your O/S fully upto date.

  toogie 10:49 01 Jun 2010

gengiscant, is "mobo" my Motherboard? If so the answer is "MS-6712(v1.X)ATX Mainboard" and my O/S is XP inc Service Pack 3. Also do you have any thoughts as to why my System Restore is not working and how do I restore it as I want to back-up the Registry before downloading registry cleaner. Thanks

  gengiscant 13:22 01 Jun 2010

The "MS-6712(v1.X)ATX Mainboard" is this one and you said you had trouble finding drivers, well here they here
I really think that you either need to do a repair install or a complete reinstall. I really don't think system restore is going to help.
Again it could be that you have malware on your pc that has stopped system restore working.

As for backing up registry have a look here

  toogie 11:43 10 Jun 2010

Following all of the above problems I have decided to "mend" Windows using my recovery CD, either the original or the SP2 CD. However, another problem: my PC will not boot from either CD, as it does not find the drive, even when I make it the 1st boot option.
Not sure if the following is significant but my system does not now show external backup drive or memory stick in "My Computer" when they are in USB.

  Zeppelyn 13:18 10 Jun 2010

This sounds like a drive letter change problem to me. What drive letter did your os originally have and what does it have on the clone?

  T I M B O 13:22 10 Jun 2010

was the cloan done just before you changed to the new hard drive ??

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