Problems when I try to scan

  ponytail 14:04 15 Feb 2019

I have just tried to scan a document but get the following message. DCP-J315W Cannot be found If the device is off turn on the device Check the I/F cable connection between the device and your computer. If the scanner is working with another application cancel scanning or wait untill the scan job finishes and try again.. I managed to do the scan by pressing the scan button the printer.I am going to try and install the printer again and see what happens. It is a Brother printer

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:11 15 Feb 2019

Is it connected by wireless or USB cable?

  ponytail 14:25 15 Feb 2019

It is operated wirelessly and have just gone to install it again and got so far and got the following instructions.I did do a screen print of the instructions which I saved but seem unable to find a way to attache it to my post.The illustration in the instructions shows a different printer to mine.

  lotvic 23:52 15 Feb 2019

Here are the instructions from Brother faqs click here

and the Important points you need to confirm before configuring your Brother machine for a wireless network.
click here

In your other thread you connected the Brother printer to your router as a WiFi network printer, then said it still didn't print. Other thread click here

  ponytail 10:06 16 Feb 2019

Hi Lotvic yes the other thread was when neither mine or my wifes printer would not work so re-installed them both and they both now work but I never tried to use the Scan facility so maybe the two problems were connected.

  ponytail 10:46 16 Feb 2019

Hi Again Lotvic I have just been though all the procedures in the following link and the problem still exists I printed a the WLAN report which says connection ok click here not sure where to go from here but thanks for trying to help much appreciated.


  lotvic 11:45 16 Feb 2019

Try: on your pc look in 'Settings' - 'Devices' - 'Printers & Scanners'

(to open 'Settings' press Windows key and click on the cog wheel)

  ponytail 09:08 17 Feb 2019

Hi Lotvic I have just gone into devices and printers whee do I go next.

  lotvic 12:13 18 Feb 2019

Click on the Brother dcp j315w printer - manage - in dropdown box is the scanner listed?

When you want to scan from pc, what program are you using? Windows Fax & Scan, or Paint, or other program?

How to Scan from pc, click here

  ponytail 15:06 18 Feb 2019

This problem has now been sorted.I got in touch with Brother UK Support and one of their technicians logged onto my laptop remotely and it took him about ten minutes two sort it out but dont ask me what the problem was just happy it is sorted.

  rickf 09:23 19 Feb 2019

Epson px720wd wouldn't scan after wins 10 update. Printing docs was ok. I just uninstall and reinstall the software. Hope that helps.

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