Problems with webcam

  heronsbridgeA8 17:38 22 Jan 2008

Living overseas for the next year, so bought my mum a webcam to use with Skype. When we went to use video call, got error message saying there wasn't enough bandwidth to allocate to USB ports. Didn't really understand. 75% was allocated to broadband and there were 2 others using 10% and 15% and the cam needed 17%. Help please.

  iscanut 18:34 22 Jan 2008

You need to get a USB Hub with dedicated ports so that each port communicates with the device sepeartely. I use a Belkin which does just that. I am no expert on the technicalities, but had the same problem as youself with my old standard USB hub but bow that I have changed, everything is fine. Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge than me can explain more fully if necessary.

  iscanut 20:14 22 Jan 2008

Have just had a look at the blurb on my USB hub pack which might help explain...
If you connect a high speed USB device to a normal usb hub, the device takes up all the bandwidth ( 480Mbps), not leaving any bandwidth for your full speed devices, such as speakers, web cams etc. This can cause the devices to malfunction or not work at all. The Balkin premium hub guarantees 12 Mbps for each port so that every device attached works seamlessly, guaranteed.

You need to look out for a new USB Hub that comes with this functionality. Hope this helps.

  iscanut 09:39 25 Jan 2008

Did this help you

  iscanut 21:04 03 Feb 2008

Not wishing to appear to be a moaner, but I do wonder why people post an item for help and then never bother to follow it up, reply or even say thanks. For the benefit of others, it is nice to know if the problem has been solved by one's suggestions. There may be personal reasons as to why this item has not been responded to, but it would be nice to know. Anyone else feel this way about follow ups, etc...

  oldbeefer2 10:36 04 Feb 2008

Nuts - I'm with you - just bad manners I suppose. I was always taught to say 'please' and 'thank you' (but that was a long time ago!).

  Bogbrain 21:44 05 Feb 2008

Just to say I agree with you - and not just on message forum boards is the lack of basic manners apparent. People seem almost embarrassed to show they have manners because the cult of ignorance is exhalted everywhere these days it seems - especially via the mainly trash media. Other people will just always just be pig ignorant no matter what.

  anchor 10:07 07 Feb 2008

Nuts; The fact that some people do not respond to solutions offered in these forums, has been mentioned many times.

Not only is is good manners to reply and report is the solution has worked, it provides information to others who may have a similar problems.

  iscanut 20:20 07 Feb 2008

Thanks for your support re this. Glad it's not just me !

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