Problems with Wanadoo Webmail

  Dobba 19:05 07 Jul 2005

I use Windows XP Home and Wanadoo Broadband. My e-mails are normally dealt with via Outlook Express.
I normally receive 25 to 40 e-mails a day through Outlook Express, most of which are earmarked SPAM, which I delete. Three weeks ago, I noticed that I was only getting exactly 9 e-mails a day for several days on the run. When I investigated, I found that I had 991 e-mails on Wanadoo Webmail, which I have never used before. There is a limit of 1000 e-mails on Webmail,. which explains why only 9 were getting through.I know that others were being "Bounced".
I deleted the 991 and we were back to normal. However, I am now getting more than 200 e-mails a day on Wanadoo Webmail, almost all of which are "Mail Delivery Subsystem -Returned Mail, Delivery Status or Undelivered". The details shown against these is gibberish and relates to nothing passing through Outlook Express. What is going on here? Can anyone explain? I have run Norton Anti-Virus-no result. This Wanadoo problem has only just started up - I have been using them for years (Freeserve as well) with no problem.Wanadoo seems unable to help?
Can you?

  Chris Webster 21:04 07 Jul 2005

Only a thought, have you done a spyware scan?

  gel 21:11 07 Jul 2005

Hello Dobba
I use the same system as your self except I do not have broad band.
My nornal proceedure is to go the wanadoo web mail first and delete as those emails I am not interested in This allows the wanted emails to appear on outlook. I would press wanadoo for a little more assistence by replying to each email they send to you with their advice. After a time they try harder-hopefully

  Dobba 19:03 08 Jul 2005

Thanks Gel. I'll do that.
I still can't work out why this has only just started to happen. Yesterday I got over 200 e-mails on Webmail whereas until a few days ago I never had any. They don't appear to show up on Internet Express. They are almost always mail Redirections with rubbish names like [email protected]
The last bit is my correct address but the first, before the @, is unintelligable.

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