Problems with Virgin Broadband.

  nerawan 09:24 01 Aug 2007

Yesterday I got the kit to get Virgin broadband. I did the connections and then I called them for activation.The problem is , Internet explorer don,t open any page. The strange thing is , I open COMMAND PROMPT and type IPCONFIG and I get nothing. It just says WINDOWS IP CONFIG. Usually it should say something like MEDIA DISCONNECTED, etc.

I called then back, but they say I was inline for more than an hour and it was a problem with my p.c. No more help.

The connections are o.k. and I re-start p.c. like 6 times but get nothing.

Any idea about what is going on?. Thanks

  nerawan 09:48 01 Aug 2007

Yes.Via ethernet.They sent a long cable(like 8 mts). but I use another cable that is only 1 mt long.I can,t go to the browser right now because I'm not at home.
Any idea why I don't get any info with IPCONFIG?. and why you say hitting the cable?

  nerawan 20:59 01 Aug 2007

Yesterday I got the4 kit for virgin broadband. I did the connections and then called them for activation.But the problem is INTERNET EXPLORER don,t open any page.

And the strange thing is, I open CONMAND PROMT and type IPCONFIG/ALL and don't get any info. It just answer WINDOWS IP CONFIG. Usually when tere is a problem says thre is a cable disconnected, etc.

I called them back but they say I was inline for nearly 1 hour.That the problem was with my p.c. and didn,t offer any more help.

The connections are o.k. and I re-started p.c. like 6 times but still get nothing.

If I PING any web page ,it says HOST UNREACHABLE.

Any idea what happens. Thanks

  nerawan 21:31 01 Aug 2007

I don,t know what your question is. Maybe when you suggested to use the Diagnostic page of the c.p. but I don't understand that. Can you explain?

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