Problems using USB devices through hub

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 19:15 30 Dec 2005

I have a Toshiba Satellite A30-514 with a powered USB 2.0 hub attached. Into this is plugged a USB satellite receiver (for broadband), a USB bluetooth adapter and an HP PSC 1350 printer. The first two devices work fine but the printer isn't recognised properly.

If I plug the printer straight into the USB socket of the laptop it works fine. These 3 devices have to go through hub(s). Would running another powered hub off of the first hub cure the problem?

In the device manager, instead of showing all the HP devices it just has USB Composite Device in the USB Controllers section. This has an orange exclamation mark next to it.

If I boot up the laptop with all 3 devices plugged into the hub and switched on, the printer is detected okay but the Bluetooth Radio devices have an orange exclamation mark instead. I need the bluetooth device to attach a mobile phone to the laptop.

From left to right, looking at the front of the hub, the devices are 1) satellite receiver, 2) printer, 3) Bluetooth.

I hope this is clear. Any help / advice would be greatfully received.

  pj123 13:36 31 Dec 2005

Check out here:

click here

not heard of them before so know nothing about them but they seem to have what you require.

  Ray5776 14:17 31 Dec 2005

Ref; pj123 link to "Direct USB Store" I have dealt with this company, they are very good and the 99p hub solved a lot of my USB problems.


Thanks you two. As I said above I am quite happy to go out and buy another hub, but I have a real concern that this won't cure the problem. Is there anyway that this could be a conflict of some sort? Everything (except the small bluetooth adapter) has it's own power supply and the hub itself is powered. I have friends who are running many more devices off of unpowered hubs and they aren't experiencing this problem.

  961 11:36 01 Jan 2006

I agree with you that this may well be either a conflict or a difficulty caused by the amount of data you are trying to send through this hub

What concerns me is the fact that you are getting warnings in the device manager depending on what is connected

While it is of course possible to daisy chain hardware into usb sockets this does not mean that in practical terms they will all work properly.

The more I read here the more I think it is down to a BIOS setting or some driver conflict

Even if you bought a second hub you are presumeably still going to have to try to send all the data through the original to the usb socket

One thing to try is to borrow another hub from a friend and see if that sorts things

Thanks 961.

This is what concerns me too.

Good idea about borrowing another hub.

Just to let you know that the answer was to buy a second powered hub and plug this into the first one. I put this in the first port and then ran the satellite modem from the next one along. The printer was then plugged into the second hub along with a webcam and everything now works perfectly.

Thanks for all your help.

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