Problems using printer on USB

  firenza 23:06 19 May 2004

I am trying to use my Lexmark Z55 printer on the USB port without success. The printer will switch on from standby mode but will not print. On the rare occations that it does start to print it gets part way through and hangs. I have tried a new cable and a new driver and no joy. The USB card is a QTECH 1.1 and seems to be working ok as I have used a mouse on it ok. The OS I am using is Win 98se. Is there anyone out there that can help. Thanks.

  spuds 01:04 20 May 2004

Did you un-install the previous driver.I would un-install the printer then re-install the printer with the new driver, as if starting from new.

  Djohn 01:37 20 May 2004

I've just had a quick read of the manual for your printer from the Lexmark web site. Lexmark is different to other printers in the way the drivers are installed. Normally you would install the drivers first for a USB device then connect that device.

With your printer you connect the printer to the PC with the USB cable and power supply then boot up. Let windows find new hardware and follow the wizard for installing the drivers, it will ask you to insert the driver when ready.

On the faults page it mentions that it's important to have only the one version of your printer showing under printer properties so if you have installed the drivers a couple of times without removing existing ones first this may be the problem

As spuds says, it's important to remove all trace of any driver before trying to reinstall. j.

  firenza 23:36 26 May 2004

I have tried removing all traces of the printer and then re-installing as per manual and the printer still won't work properly. any other ideas?

  woodchip 23:41 26 May 2004

And when the Wizard pops up it may ask for Win98 disc do not put it in. Use the printer CD and brows to drivers

  firenza 00:30 03 Jun 2004

The wizard does not ask for the win98 disk all the driver is loaded from the lexmark disk, but printer still not printing properly.

  Djohn 13:19 03 Jun 2004


  pj123 14:53 03 Jun 2004

Whether this will work with a Lexmark printer or not I don't know, but I had the same problem as you but with an Epson USB printer. This is what I got from the Epson Helpline. Two options using USB printers. Option 1. Don't switch the printer off. Option 2. Switch the printer on before booting the computer. I went for Option 1 and now never switch my printer off. It works without fail every time.

  dangerusone 15:04 03 Jun 2004

I had a similar problem with a HP 840, a powered hub proved the answer to my problem.

  keith-236785 15:48 03 Jun 2004

if you have usb ports on your motherboard, connect your printer directly to this, usb cards/hubs can cause a conflict in windows98 (from personal experience),

i think the best course of action would be to remove all instances of printers from your computer, goto add/remove programs and check there is nothing in there.

UNPLUG the usb cable from either the pc or the printer (it doesnt matterwhich, but i used to pull the cable out of the printer because it was easier to reach), restart your pc. once totally up and running, put the cd in the drive, install the drivers (i dont have a lexmark printer so im now blind). then shutdown and restart again to allow the drivers to activate (if the install doesn't).

then once you have windows again, Turn OFF anti-virus and firewall (you can disconnect from the internet if you wish), then plug in the usb cable. follow the onscreen instructions.

don't forget to restart your virus-checker and firewall.

good luck

  woodchip 22:34 03 Jun 2004

One more suggestion, if it's a PCI usb card you put in I suggest you try it in another PCI slot if you have one. and do not connect anything to it until you have booted the computer with the card in the new slot. i.e do not connect a USB until it as fully booted up

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