Problems with Usb 2.0 ports

  Taram 13:31 01 Oct 2004

I have just purchased a Western digital external hard drive,Usb 2.0. I set it all up, and started transfering my movie files to the new hard drive, I transfered about seven and it was very fast, only takiing about 20 seconds to transfer a file, then when I tried to transfer more files, it would transfer for about 10 seconds then I would get an errror saying,(Error copying file or folder, cannot copy movie, cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name), I tried transfering different files but it was still the same. So I installed the hard drive again, and tried the Usb cable in another Usb port on the computer but still the same thing happened. Anyway I decided to plug the Usb cable in to my External Usb hub, and it is working ok, but it is very slow it is taking approx 5 minutes to transfer a file. As anybody any idea why the hard drive will not work correctly when the Usb cable is plugged in to a usb port on my computer? I would be very grateful for any advice. I have Windows Xp pro. Many thanks, Taram

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:04 01 Oct 2004

uninstall and reinstall usb drivers

slow off hub = USB1 not 2

make sure "enhanced" driver showing in device manger

What other usb equip were you using at same time? may have overloaded the ports

  Taram 14:42 01 Oct 2004

Thank you for your reply, I cannot see enhanced driver showing in device manager. The only things I have plugged in to my Usb ports on my computer is my printer and also the external Usb hub, and plugged in to my external usb hub is my mouse and the external hard drive. Thank you, Taram

  billyliv 16:03 01 Oct 2004

Hi, Have you installed SP1? That upgrade has support for USB 2. Cheers, Bill

  Taram 17:51 01 Oct 2004

Hi Billyliv, I have both SP1 and SP2 installed.

  Taram 18:30 01 Oct 2004

Sorry Billyliv ignore the above, I have only got SP2 installed on Windows Xp, I installed SP1 on Windows Me, I only upgraded to Windows Xp a few months a go. Can I still install SP1 on Windows Xp?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 01 Oct 2004

What make of PC and how old? Do you have a USB2 card or just ports on MOBO?

Size of file will determine time to transfer.

USB2 40x faster than USB1 but must have USB2 ports and drivers (enhanced)

Hard drive and printer both power hungry especially if external Hub does not have own power supply.

  pubsinger 00:21 02 Oct 2004

You can`t instal SP2 unless you already have SP1 on, so you must have both.
There are issues with WinXP and USB2.0. See the Microsoft knowledge base. Also what is your mainboard? If it`s one of the MSI range some of those have USB2 problems as well.
For any USB problems your first port of call should be click here
Hope this helps.

  Taram 12:22 02 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone for your help. I have recently had my computer upgraded to a AMD Athlon(tm)xp 3000+, Memory 512mb. Speed 2170MHz, I have checked my device manager and I have the, Standard enchanced Pci to usb host controller. I will have a look in the Microsoft knowledge base. Thanks, Taram

  throwitoutthewindow 22:10 15 Oct 2004

I put a new USB2 card into my PC and seems to work. From other threads I can see I got a USB Enhanced Controller in device Manager. How can I tell it is actually transmitting at 400M and not 12M of USB1.1?

  woodchip 22:44 15 Oct 2004

Sorry but you can install SP2 without having SP1. I have just done it on a Laptop. SP2 as all the previous Patches in it

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