problems with upgrading video card

  empty head 14:55 16 Feb 2004

I am trying to upgrade from an nvidea GForce3 TI 2000 card to an ASUS 9600 XT. I'm running Windows XP on an ASUS motherboard, with an Athlon 1800+ processor. The machine is around 2 years old.

When removing the old card I turn off the antivirus software, remove the drivers, then reboot. Everything seems fine - when the PC comes back the drivers have gone and I'm just in VGA mode.

I swith off, replace the old card with the new one and turn the PC back on. It prompts me for the drivers and so I try to load them.

Now the problem begins. The machine seems to find the correct drivers and starts to load them. Then, when all the information has been transferred, the screen justs goes blank and nothing else happens!

Eventually the CD drive stops spinning and I am left in relative silence and with nothing to look at.

If I try to reboot at the stage the whole thing just crashes (probably understandably!).

Any advice anyone?


  LeadingMNMs 15:16 16 Feb 2004

Can you boot up in safe mode ?

  empty head 18:37 16 Feb 2004

I haven't tried that.

When I do reboot I get as far as the window screen contained the animated greeny, yellowish dashes. These start by scanning across their box as normal, then hesitate, then they loose their coherency and its blank screen time again.

If I did manage to boot up in safe mode can you tell me what I should do next? I've never really worked at that level and my only understanding is that there is a limited number of drivers actually running at that point - presummably the advanced video drivers wouldn't be active - but I'm not sure what I'd do next.

Thanks for your help.

  y_not 19:40 16 Feb 2004

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend who recently built a PC with the same main-board. He had a similar problem ... the new card was an ATI.

It seems that XP does not like the drivers so, each time he updates XP it overwrites the ATI drivers with the XP drivers and causes a conflict.

His solution was to throw the card and buy a Radeon which, I'm told, doesn't have the same driver problem.

Sorry I can't give any more info - that was about the sum of the conversation!

Hope it helps


  bremner 19:50 16 Feb 2004

I have an ATI Radeon 9500PRO which replaced a Geforce 3 Ti 200 on an Asus A7A266E motherboard with an Athlon 2000+.

I experinced no problems installing the ATI.

I unistalled the Nvidia card in Device manager then removed the drivers in Add/Remove programs.

I then installed the ATI card. On booting up I did not let windows install its drivers. I then ran the ATI CD Rom and installed their drivers and software.

  clayton 19:57 16 Feb 2004

Have you tried going to the ATI website & downloading the latest drivers from there, once youve done that remove the nvidea drivers shut down the pc & swap cards reboot & install the new ATI drivers.

  hugh-265156 20:02 16 Feb 2004

this is what i would do.

remove old drivers via add remove progs.dont restart.

right click old display adapter in device manager/uninstall

shut down do not restart.

insert new ati card.turn on.

if you want to make sure all traces of old nvidia drivers are gone use click here (not essential)run in safe mode.then restart

when you boot windows will find new hardware(twice primary and secondary)click cancel each time.

download and use latest cat 4.2 click here

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