problems upgrading motherboard

  bazzacfc 21:17 20 Sep 2004

i have just received a new asrock k7v88 motherboard, with amd3200 processor, i also bought some memory, however when i installed it ,it would not boot up and after about 5 mins it stopped alltogether, does anyone have any ideas?

  Night Ryder 21:33 20 Sep 2004

How much memory did you buy. If it is in two sticks, try putting one stick in at a time in number one slot. Read your MoBoard manual and check you are using correct configuration for memory.

  bazzacfc 21:47 20 Sep 2004

i bought one stick 512mb

  dfghjkl 21:49 20 Sep 2004

have you reset the csmos?take the battery out and leave it out,go and make a cup of tea.put battery in about 15 minutes later.unplug everything,then reconnect and check the wires from your case (start,reset,hd light etc)connect psu to motherboard then just connect the graphics card and hard drive and turn on.if it is ok then reconnect floppy,cd,dvd.second hard drive etc one at a time.only use one memory stick at a time,or check it on another pc.good luck it will be something simple (or a duff motherboard)but probably something simple.good luck,peter

  Night Ryder 21:50 20 Sep 2004

Do you hear any post boot beeps just after the PC is switched on? and if so how many?

  Night Ryder 21:52 20 Sep 2004

Should have read post BIOS. Sorry.

  bazzacfc 22:00 20 Sep 2004

tried most things thanks 4 all your help but i think it may be faulty

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