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Problems updating Samsung Smart TV with latest firmware

  hiwatt 17:49 05 Jun 2014

Hi folks,although not technically a PC problem my brother is having trouble updating his Samsung smart TV. He has bought a wireless dongle and is having problems that he believes is due to not having the latest firmware installed. I went to the Samsung website and downloaded the latest firmware for his model. It was a .exe file. When he's inserting the USB stick it is saying there is no file to update? Can anyone tell me what I/he could be doing wrong? Thanks folks.

  BRYNIT 18:21 05 Jun 2014

I was going to type out haw to install the firmware but the instructions are too long.

If you go back to the Samsung webpage you got the firmware from, just below you will find a pdf upgrade guide which will tell you how.

  hiwatt 18:58 05 Jun 2014

As soon as I posted this thread I then went back to the Samsung website and seen that the .exe file had to be unzipped. I called my brother and told him to come back up with the USB stick.I ran the .exe file and extracted the files/folder and put the folder on the USB stick. It is now up and running perfectly. Thanks folks.

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