Problems with TV Tuner card

  sarah-280539 20:05 19 Jul 2003

Some of you may remember me posting a little while ago asking for recommendations re: TV Tuner cards. Anyway, I bought a Mercury PCI TV Tuner card today and a friend fitted it. The problem I am having though is that it does an automatic search but doesn't store anything. I've checked all the leads etc and everything's as it should be. I looked on the manufacturer's site but the info they provide is useless and the help section in the software is very basic and doesn't list anything to do with channel search/storing. I would be extremely grateful for any help. Thanks

  graham√ 20:14 19 Jul 2003

Oh well, let's see if we can get it going. When it is searching, can you see/hear the programs?

  sarah-280539 21:34 19 Jul 2003

Yes, I can vaguely see a pic and get sound but it's not watchable. I presumed that it would find the main channels (BBc1, 2, itv etc) automatically. I can see it searching but it doesn't stop at all, it just goes all the way through to the beginning again.

  graham√ 21:43 19 Jul 2003

It's not seeing a station strong enough to store.

There should be an option to select either aerial or cable.

If that is not the problem, is the signal strong enough? If possible, try the signal into a TV.

  Steve Mat 21:46 19 Jul 2003

You have got it connected to an aerial?

  Kitz E Kat 21:54 19 Jul 2003

Get a Portable, i told you so!!!!!!
Sorry had to say that...........

I had a Pinnacle card, rubbish, however and sorry to be vague there is a setting , like PAL and NTSC, or something, what i mean is check for something like that it may be the default setting is for US TV system, it happened me same problem as you , when i switched the setting it found all stations and stored them Graham is right the signal is probably not strong enough.
Im sorry i can not remember the exact setting

  graham√ 22:05 19 Jul 2003

Good thinking, but if it was set to the wrong system, there would be no trace of a picture.

  graham√ 22:18 19 Jul 2003

To confirm, UK uses PAL (Phase Alternating Lines).

  sarah-280539 22:22 19 Jul 2003

There is a TV Setting section where you have to put in your country, then underneath that there is a channel scan mode, then there's the channel section. In this section I have selected air (from choice of air or cable), then it lists the maximum and minumum number of channels for the search. At the moment this is set to 20 - 69 which I don't understand because surely it should be set to 1 - 125 (which is what the search is in the help section). The only problem is I can't change these numbers, I've tried clicking on them, right clicking etc but I can't you're not able to change them. Also there is a video standard section where it has the PAL,NTSC etc but It's greyed out and therefore I can't select a different one (at the moment it's set to PAL.

  graham√ 09:53 20 Jul 2003

If you put the country in, it will select the video section automatically. PAL is OK for UK and most of Europe.

The Channels 20 - 69 are OK, too. Those are the tuning channels. In most areas the national channels, BBC, ITV etc., will appear on more than one channel. This is because they are transmitted from different sites to give coverage. In some areas you can receive regional versions, this means you can choose between, say, Yorkshire TV and Tyne Tees. Once you,re set up you can delete those you don't want.

Back to the searching, follow my suggestion to try a TV on the aerial lead you are using for the card. They are more demanding than a normal TV, and unless you live close to a transmitter, an indoor aerial will not give results.

If there is a Sky box handy, you could pick up a good signal from that.

  Cesar 10:22 20 Jul 2003

I don,t know whether this will be ant help?
Prog Channel Frequency
BBC1 1 26 511
BBC2 2 33 567
ITV 3 23 487
CHANEL4 4 30 543
CHANEL5 5 37 599

There should be facilities for Manual Tuning anyway Good Luck!

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