Problems trying to download programmes

  addtoo 10:21 09 Mar 2009

Tried to download Fileupdate from the Hippo site, it started the instalation and then froze, the desktop icon was there but no programme. Tried to download another programme from the same site - nothing happens. Aso tried to download ashampoo defrag programme, nothing. Running AVG 8.5, Spyterminator, Spybot and Antivir, plus Mcrosoft firewall.

Can anyone help please, Alan had had a stroke so is unable to use the PC, I am Joyce, his wife. Ta

  brundle 10:25 09 Mar 2009

"Running AVG 8.5, Spyterminator, Spybot and Antivir, plus Mcrosoft firewall."

AVG and Antivir are both resident antivirus programs, and Spywareterminator use ClamWIN as resident AV too. You should only have one resident antivirus program running.

  addtoo 11:49 09 Mar 2009

Thanks Brundle, I removed Spyterminator and Antivir and then was able to download ashampoodefrag but still can't the fileupdater from the hippo site.
Any thoughts on that please.

  brundle 13:08 09 Mar 2009

"it started the instalation"

You can't download it, or you can't install it? Tried the stand-alone version that doesn't need installing? Direct link to file; click here

  addtoo 16:11 09 Mar 2009

Hi brundle, It starts the instalation, goes throygh next etc then says instatation complete with the green squares and gets no further. It puts the icon on the desktop but there is nothimg in it. I'v e tried the stand alone version, clicked on your link and nothing happened at all.
Strange or what?
Any ideas? Ta

  brundle 16:16 09 Mar 2009

Perhaps you're missing Net Framework 2.0 which is required to run the program.
"What are the requirements?
The Update Checker works on any Windows PC running Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME or 98.
It requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is installed, which you may download directly from here, or the installer will prompt and download it automatically. "

  brundle 16:17 09 Mar 2009

"I'v e tried the stand alone version, clicked on your link and nothing happened at all."

Be more specific - did the file actually download (it's less than 200kb) at all, or fail even to get that far?

  addtoo 16:37 09 Mar 2009

Hi brundle, I have XP operating system. The file did not download at all. But what is stranger, before I installed AVG 8.5 I had fileupdate and it worked and listed the updates but wouldn't let me download any updates. After the instalation the icon remained but no programme? Stranger?

  brundle 10:45 10 Mar 2009

Sounds as though your computer has problems more serious than a single program not working. What antivirus program are you using now that AVG 8.5 has been removed? Do a system file check click here, check the hard-drive for errors click here

  addtoo 09:55 11 Mar 2009

Hi brundle, I am sorry if you misunderstood me, I removed AVG 8.0 and replaced it with 8.5.
I c hecked the hard drive for error as you sugested and tried to do a system file check but the PC couldn't find the file when I typed sfc/scannow into run. I tried search still no result. Sorry to be so hopeless.

  brundle 11:23 11 Mar 2009

No problem, the sfc issue is very common - you need your XP CD, and possibly modify a couple of entries in the registry to ensure the PC looks in the right place for the files. The link I posted describes how to do that.

So I take it you're now using AVG 8.5, but with problems you didn't have before? Or is the Filehippo update checker the only thing that's not working?

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