problems with talktalk

  palinka 19:03 17 Feb 2007

I've now spent the best part of 2 days helping a friend set up a BB account with talktalk - and it's still not working.
Started yesterday ; put in set-up disk that came with modem, got half way through the process then could get no further; phoned talktalk and helpful man managed , with some dificulty, to complete the installation. After ending the phone call realised had still not set up the email; couldn't reach that stage via the disk, so phoned again. Sorted, we thought. But No, found we could send but not receive. Person on the phone could nor solve it; said she had to talk to her supervisor and would ring back. That was 2pm yesterday and we've heard nothing since.
I rang their helpline today (Sat) at 2pm and either could not get throiugh at all,or the phone rang and rang but was never answered. I've now tried at home on my own BB connection (Pipex) to access talktalk website FAQs etc, but with litle success - very slow and most of the pages i want are unavailable.
Is our experience the norm, or are we just unlucky?

  Strawballs 19:06 17 Feb 2007

There is another thread asking about problems with talktalk emails!

  cocteau48 19:09 17 Feb 2007

TalkTalk's email server was down for a long time yesterday. This may explain some of your problems.

  palinka 19:24 17 Feb 2007

thanks for the info, cocteau48, that may explain it.

  palinka 15:33 20 Feb 2007

Tried it all again yesterday(Monday). Yet another talktalk contact centre person talked me through the set-up, including some settings that were different from the last attempt. But exactly the same outcome - no incoming email.
They couldn't resolve it but will call "within 72 hours".
I've advised my friend to cancel her BB package if they can't set it up when they call back.
I notice from their website that you can cancel within 30days.
I also notice that talktalk's webmail is "powered" (or a similar expression) by AOL, which fills me with horror.

  rezzer 15:55 20 Feb 2007

I have been having trouble with TALKTALK E-mail for weeks now. Outgoing (SMTP) works OK but the receiving (POP3) is very intermittent. After a long conversation with their helpline today, the assistant finally agreed they are having problems with their e-mail server. When I asked when it will be fixed, rather than giving me a time (ie today) she said there is no date logged as an ETA. - they are working on the problem to the bets of their ability.Apparately there have been a lot of complaints. She suggested it may be a while yet!

Hope that helps

  guesswho2 16:43 20 Feb 2007

I, in common with others obviously, have had no e-mail service for a couple of days and very poor service for some time. TalkTalk do seem to have a uniquely incompetent set of operators. It's a pity we can't all gang up on them somehow. Presently I can not access my e-mails either in Thunderbird or O.E. and their webmail thing does not recognise my password - so I'm well and truly stuck and not at all pleased.

  cocteau48 17:45 20 Feb 2007

Just off the phone to Don'ttalk/Don'ttalk as they should now call themselves.
Email servers are down(AGAIN)and it may be two or three days.
Gawd help us!!!

  palinka 18:11 20 Feb 2007

thank you all - that's encouraging (only in the sense that we are not alone with our problem) and confirms my view that my friend should get out of her contract with them if she can.
They have a very aggresive marketing style - every time you phone them they push their BB, which is why my friend signed up with them. She's a complete newby to the world of computers/internet/etc, and her experience so far has NOT been good. I remain to be convinced that she made the right choice in switching to talktalk for her phone, which is how this sory saga began.

  palinka 12:17 25 Feb 2007

needless to say the 72 hours have long-since passed (at 5pm on Thursday) and no phone call from talktalk. Still unable to receive email.

  guesswho2 12:23 25 Feb 2007

I am yet another unhappy TalkTalk customer but can report that my Thunderbird e-mail is working just now would you believe. There's been very bad, intermittent service recently.

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