Problems with surge-protection and broadband

  DIYgirl 08:28 19 Dec 2004

Another episode in my attempts to get a broadband connection....

We live in the middle of nowhere, and the only mains connection that our house has is the phone line, which comes in underground. We run a generator for our electricity, which acts just like mains power (apart from when everything goes off).

We use surge protector plugs for the computer, and anything "sensitive" (that is, expensive!). We also need the surge protector plugs for our internet connection as every time there is a thunder storm within about five miles of us, all our phones get fried. Consequently, I have a surge protector fitted to the phone line that provides my internet connection, too, so that my modem is protected.

We just signed up to broadband (Wanadoo), and have duly received a package containing a modem and minifilters to plug each phone into. My first thought was that all those nice little minifilters are going to die at the first thunder storm, so we will now have to buy new ones of those every few months too (£10 each). Now I am told by Wanadoo that I can't plug the broadband modem into the surge protection board--that it needs to go directly into the wall for it to work. And that no, I can't plug the surge protection bit in after the modem either, leaving my computer unprotected.

I pointed out to them the problems that this would cause and was told, "Oh, I can't imagine that would happen!". Bless. I did suggest that they put that in writing, and agree to pay to repair my computer if it was damaged by thunder, but that was met by some frantic back-pedalling.

Eventually, here is my question. Is there any way I can use surge protection with this broadband modem? I will be trying all the different variations that I can think of once my connection becomes live (wednesday), but for now, would like to work out if there is anything else I can do.

  Sapins 09:33 19 Dec 2004

"every time there is a thunder storm within about five miles of us, all our phones get fried."

Blimey, I'd move! or develop a taste for plastic chips, all puns intended;-)

We live in an area of France that gets frequent and violent storms and have never had a problem, yet, and I leave the computer and modem on 24/24 with a connection to PCA and my Wanadoo home page, and sometimes one or two other sites.

I am under the impression that the external earth for the phone is the most efficient there is, I hope this is correct or else I will have to get a taste for deep fried chips! Mind you, some of the ones I have had tasted like plastic.

  rawprawn 09:53 19 Dec 2004

I have had my broadband modem plugged into a surge protector for a year with no problems at all. I am with Tiscali, but I shouldn't think it makes any difference at all.. I did buy a good surge protector into which I can also plug my phone, but from your description you already have one. I would say go ahead.We live on the edge of Haworth Moor (Bronteland)and it can get pretty wild up here.

  DIYgirl 10:04 19 Dec 2004

We live on the moors of the Peak Park, a few miles west of Sheffield, and it gets pretty bleak up here too. We have snow on the ground this morning, and our average windspeed is 8.4m/s compared to a UK national average of 5 m/s (and on Friday we were given planning permission to put up our own wind turbine to generate our electricity, hurrah!).

I'll see if I can work the BB thing through the surge protection thingy, despite what those nice boys at Wanadoo tell me. And if not, I'll be back.

  fsbb 10:06 19 Dec 2004

I am with BB Wanadoo and use surge protector.

Plug cable from tel socket into protector (IN), plug BB filter into protector (OUT), plug phone and modem into BB filter.

  Graham ® 10:55 19 Dec 2004

A surge protector should not affect broadband.

  georgemac 11:14 19 Dec 2004

I am with wanadoo and happily connected through my belkin surge protector

during the summer we had a vilent thunderstorm which wiped out phones/modems the lot - the house next door to us was actually struck by lightning which damaged the roof - I never heard of one braodband microfilter being damaged. My wireless adsl router got zapped but not the microfilter it was plugged into.

I got the surge protector before this but the phone connection was not hooked through it!

Filters can be bought for around £1.50 at ebuyer

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 19 Dec 2004

Wannado BB, extension line to Belkin surge protector then filter to modem has worked fine for last 12 months.

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