Problems with sound/video (Extremely high Latency)

  Robbe Janssens 11:19 29 May 2017

I have a little problem with sound and video. There is a annoying crackling when any sound is played and when i watch a video, the sound and image always get out of sync. I already searched a bit online and found out that it probably has something to do with latency(no idea what that is). So i ran DPC Latency Checker and got this result.

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  MJS WARLORD 15:15 29 May 2017

you obviously know a bit about latency to be able to search for a checker..... low latency is caused by several things.... large numbers of users on the same site .... poor internet connection .... do a online speed test.... are you using ethernet or wi-fi to a hub.... is you connection secure .... to find out consult your internet hub booklet to see how to do it.

during an online gaming session one of our group checked the latency figures in teamfortress 2 as they were very low and he was struggling to keep connected... he got his isp's engineers to check his gear out and they discovered somebody in the same block of flats had highjacked his connection so his so called friend was getting free internet courtesy of him.

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