Problems with SoundMAX card

  JetBan 00:35 29 Apr 2004

Hi all...

I have a Sony VAIO RZ424 that came with onboard integrated SoundMAX card, but when playing games (Flight Sim 2004 and Colin McRae Rally in particular) I get a static-type crackling sound when doing things like changing engine power. I have Direct X 9.0(b) and the latest drivers (I think) for the soundcard. The sound seems fine when playing back music etc...

Has anyone else experienced this and how can I remedy it, or have I got a faulty sound chip?

  JetBan 13:37 29 Apr 2004

Anyone? Please...!

  TommyRed 14:00 29 Apr 2004

I had this on my old 98SE machine, crackled at cetain times in games, normally played music ok only occasionally crackled. Unfortunately I never got it sorted before I got this PC, but I did install the latest drivers to no avail. Hope you have better luck than me. TR

  JetBan 22:07 29 Apr 2004

Thanks TR, I've heard of integrated sound chips being subject to interference from other things inside the PC, could it be that?

I've also noticed that when I change volume of music etc I get the same problems, it's almost as if the card can't handle changes in sound!

Anyone else got any thoughts?

  TommyRed 22:36 29 Apr 2004

Exactly right it used to happen to me on extremely noisy parts of 'Soldier of Fortune', it occurred after a re-install of 98 by a computer shop, I should have taken it back but the lad said no way. He had withdrawl symptoms because it was in the shop for 3 day's. But we are talking whole days not just parts of a day, it was amazing he even had to talk to us, in the present form and as though we existed. LOL TR

  pipedream 22:54 29 Apr 2004

I've seen something similar on a Win98 PC & fixed it by adjusting acceleration. I assume you're on Win XP? Go to Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Audio > (Sound Playback) Advanced... > Performance, and try adjusting Hardware acceleration.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:00 29 Apr 2004

the Soundmax audio chips.
Worth looking at the Asus website in the support pages. I am going there in a mo and will have a look round.

How high is you volume set if you open the volume controls, I have found if there at full belt for the Audio, Wave or CD settings this can cause it.

  JetBan 00:43 30 Apr 2004

Hi thanks for all your help... I'll give that ASUS site a looksee.

Turning off acceleration reduces (but not eliminates) the static type noise but then the sound quality, namely speech, is pretty poor, this was particularly evident on Flight Sim 2004.

The PC's well within warranty, but I'd rather not have to send it off if it's not faulty! If it's normal I guess I'll just have to live with it though!

I'm told that onboard sound chips are never brilliant.

Thanx again and best regards...

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