Problems with Sound

  tiggyv 10:32 13 Oct 2003

Sound Problems

Have Windows 2000 Pro, Soundblaster AWE64 16-bit sound card (5 yrs old)

The only sound tool which is working is the CD Player ? headphones/ speakers are ok. Is the Sound card broken? If so, why does CD Player work?

Media player6: no sound. Have downloaded some security patches lately. Including something for mplayer 7. Removed one ? no change. Im not sure how to reinstall.

Microphone: becomes ?live? when plugged in & switched on, sounds picked up e.g blowing on microphone comes through to headphones.

Sound recorder: no wave form appears, nothing recorded

Audio cleaning lab: no sound when stored sound file played

Volume control ? nothing disabled. Volume & balance controls ok when playing a cd

Headphones conveying lots of clicks from pc, is there more noise than before?

In CONTROL PANNEL : Sounds: no sound heard when I click on a sound.

Internet Radio ? no sound

Tried reloading drivers from control panel/sounds/?drivers ? Win 2000 unwilling to uninstall drivers from control panel/computer management. Took REINSTALL option (from Windows CD)?assume it worked.

If I get a new card, how can I uninstall the old drivers? Can I do this from the Windows disk?

Windows Sound card troubleshooter triggers dial up to internet, then fails when NEXT is clicked with a scripting error even when zone alarm switched off

What else can I check? Would a clean up in the PC & reseating the card help?


  tiggyv 10:36 13 Oct 2003

I copied the text of my question from a Word Document. Punctuation marks (e.g. hyhen & quotes) seem to have been transposed to question marks - how confusing! Appologies

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