problems with some threads loading

  anskyber 13:29 01 Sep 2006

If I click on certain threads the text boxes which are normally along the center of the page go well out to the right. This one for example.

click here

  Altruist 13:31 01 Sep 2006

of the idiot Giants who is posting everywhere just now. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you'll see why.

  anskyber 13:35 01 Sep 2006

Sorry, I've missed it can you help further?

  Altruist 13:36 01 Sep 2006

You can't miss 'em! They've posted in every forum.

  anskyber 13:40 01 Sep 2006

Yes I've noticed the threads but wondered how the contributions affected the page set up.

  Altruist 13:41 01 Sep 2006

Because he/she's done a line of continuous text right across the page.

  anskyber 13:43 01 Sep 2006


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