Problems sharing a printer on a net2plug network

  ozzy 123 22:50 03 Mar 2005

Hi im running on windows xp home on two pc's and WINDOWS ME on another ihave got them conected to a network using a packard bell net 2 plug network device.
ive got it sharing the internet but i cant figure out how to send pictures to the printer on my main pc. the user giude doesnt realy explain how to share the printer.
many thanks ozzy...

  Jeffers22 00:00 04 Mar 2005

Not an answer, but other than your printer sharing problem, how do you find net2plug in general. I have seen the ads and it looks interesting.

The Packard Bell forum isn't very helpful either.

  Robin0759 00:25 04 Mar 2005

Go into printers & faxes from the control panel, and right click your printer driver icon. The drop-down menu will show "sharing" about half way down, so go into that, to confirm you want to share the printer.
When you come out of that, you will see a "hand" appear on the bottom of the icon.

  Strawballs 00:34 04 Mar 2005

When you have done what Robin 0759 has suggested then go to the computer that you want to share the printer goto settings > printers > add a new printer check the network printer box and when it asks for the network pathway browse to find the printer (make sure that the pc that it is plugged into is switched on)

  ozzy 123 18:58 04 Mar 2005

many thanks to every one who helped.your info worked a treat.

Jeffers it all seems ok but its still early days
ive only shared the internet and a printer but that worked fine

  Strawballs 01:25 05 Mar 2005

If you have an answer to your problems can I suggest you put a tick in the resolved box.

  ozzy 123 11:53 05 Mar 2005

sorry straw i thought i had done

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