Problems setting up printer wirelessly

  guyshahar 17:14 05 Apr 2012


I have just bought a Panasonic KX-MB2000 printer, and am trying to set it up so that I can use it wirelessly by connecting it to my router.

I plugged the USB end of the printer cable into my wireless router, and then went to my PC to add the printer from there, thinking that it would be detectable, but I could not find it.

The "Add New Printer" Wizard had 2 options - connect a new network printer, and connect a local printer attached to the computer. Neither accurately describes my situation. I do not have any sort of Network (where computers can share each others files and so on - and would not know how to start one up), I just want to be able to use the printer from one of my laptops or my phone without having it physically plugged into whichever machine I want to print from.

I tried the install network printer option, but when the wizard browses for a printer, it does not find anything. In the "Shared Printers" box, one item appears - "Microsoft Windows Network", but when I select it nothing happens.

I then tried the local printer option, but the machine was not listed in the menu that appeared. I could have put the disk straight into the machine and installed that way, but I thought that the PC should detect the printer before I do that, and I had no indication that it had.

I went to My Network Places and got a list of connections (no idea what most of them were, but they were all still there when I switched off the printer, so I guess none of them is the printer).

Am I missing something here, or doing something very stupid. I would have thought that it was relatively easy to set up a printer connected to a router. Am I overlooking something obvious?

Thanks for any help....

  difarn 17:33 09 Apr 2012

Think we have tried most of that - let's have a go at these:-

Plug the printer in by usb to the router and go through the routine below - if this doesn't work try it with an ethernet connection from printer to router

Open Printer control panel on your pc 2. Select Add Printer 3. Add a local printer 4. Create a new port 5. Select Standard TCP/IP Port 6. Enter IP address 7.Let it connect to printer 8. Install driver as normal

  guyshahar 17:42 09 Apr 2012

UPDATE - It works now!!! I just installed the disk as they said in the instructions, and it worked remotely after that.

It didn't work when I tried it before, and now I think this is because the IP address had not been set. It was set automatically when I followed your suggestion and plugged it in to the router.

Thanks so much for your help Difarn, and sorry for not being very bright on this one....

  difarn 17:45 09 Apr 2012

Excellent news - these things are sent to try us.

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