Problems setting up print server for extra comps

  keewaa 18:07 11 May 2006


Installing a Netgear PS110 print server for 2 parallel printer and 3 computers (all XP) on a 3com wireless adsl router 3crwdr100u-72. Everything installed and works fine for the main desktop, but trying to use the netgear 'add printer' wizzard on the laptops doesn't go smoothly.

The desktop setup, using ethernet to router, router LAN port to print server works 100%. When trying to install on laptop, one doesn't seenm to run the add printer wizard properly as it revert to the windows add printer wizzard asking for the printer location and not telling me like the desktop did with the netgear wizzard.

The other laptop says 'cannot add printer port' so gets stuck there.

Do I need to (checklist) have the computer all set up as if I was running ordinary file and printer sharing on a network, since the desktop just worked straight away? And does anyone have any suggestions outside this? Thanks.

  keewaa 18:47 11 May 2006

I guess I'm just checking that the problem lies with the laptops, or if anyone knows any other reasons. I'm heading down that long line of checking everything that needs checked on XP for it to be set up properly for file and printers sharing. I guess it was too much to hope that the laptops would just work, as the desktop did !

  keewaa 19:02 11 May 2006

...... (I wish there was an edit button) .......

I just thought that the Netgear add printer wizzard, provided to run on each PC that I want to gain access to the printers from, woul or should do everything needed to make it work, rather that me have to go checking everything for file and printer sharing is working. ?

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