Problems setting up logitech x-530s please help!

  tyers11 18:56 02 Nov 2010

hey guys...i have recently purchased a set of logitech x530's except i cant get them to work on my laptop. i have an external creative x-fi sound card and rca cable and ive plugged everything into the right socket i hope! however all i can hear is the front two speakers and the sub...or if i change two of the wires i get the rear two speakers and the sub. but never the centre one anyhow. i have gone through the control panel and configured my speakers to the 5.1 setting and they all work fine on the test. but when i play music through my i-tunes or anything im back to a 2.1 output? any ideas where im going wrong? thanks in advance

  Devil Fish 20:22 02 Nov 2010

have a look at your itunes player options is it set up for 5.1? can it be set up for 5.1

  MAT ALAN 20:31 02 Nov 2010

Open your control panel and go to "sound"

In the "playback" tab select your speakers and click the "properties" button.

In the speaker properties dialog open the "enhancements tab". Check off "Speaker Fill". This creates a virtual environment for stereo audio sources to play through surround sound.

NOTE: you may need to close and restart iTunes if you have it open.

It's not true 5.1 but it sorta sounds like it...

AAC and MP3 are stereo out puts = 2.1

  MAT ALAN 20:34 02 Nov 2010

click here

this might help...

  tyers11 21:42 02 Nov 2010

surely there must be something simple? MAT AlAN thankyou i now have partial 5.1 output but i'd really like the full whack. so confusing!

  BRYNIT 22:16 02 Nov 2010

Music is usually played in Stereo (2.1) and will only play through the the front speakers.

Some Films/games will play in 5.1 or even 7.1

As MAT ALAN's post you may be able to change the settings but it will not be true 5.1

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