Problems sending mail to AOL users

  velvet 18:41 13 Sep 2003

I have been having problems with sending emails to AOL users for a couple of weeks. One or two get through, the majority do not. Some are returned as undelivered - at other times there is a message that, in effect, they are being treated as spam and blocked. Yet others are never received and there is no reason - I only know by contacting the recipient by telephone.
I have had extensive discussion with my ISP - and with ebay (which I use for my business) and they admit there is a huge problem but no-one seems able to resolve it.

If anyone has any ideas they would be truly welcome.

  spikeychris 18:56 13 Sep 2003

click here lots of them are out of date but you never know..

  velvet 19:05 13 Sep 2003

Not a new problem then is it? :-)

Thank you for the links - I shall go through them - but it seems that,if this has been going on for so long, no-one has yet found a solution.

  Djohn 19:07 13 Sep 2003

Yes I'm afraid to say that AOL can be a little too protective at times! This has started to happen only these past few weeks. If they receive a large volume of mail from another ISP, they are treating it as spam, or a virus attack.

Their advice is for the sender to try again at a later time in the day. It can be very frustrating, but users of AOL are given very Strong protection against Spam and virus. Although the former can get through, virus very rarely if at all does, each incoming/outgoing mail is scanned by AOL.

Two weeks back, when the "Blaster" worm was doing the rounds, all AOL broad-band users were protected By a message coming up on-screen to click on "OK" This downloaded "Stinger" scanned your hard drive, then installed the Microsoft patch for you, all with the click of one key. So it's like I said above, can be frustrating at times but a very helpful ISP in other ways. Regards. j.

  velvet 19:11 13 Sep 2003


Thanks for the response. I have no quarrel with an ISP protecting its members, however, it seems to me that AOL's (over)protectiveness is hampering users on other ISPs who are trying to carry out normal business - or even normal email contact. Restraint of trade surely?

  Djohn 19:21 13 Sep 2003

I agree fully with what you say, It's alleged that other ISPs are doing the same, to a lesser degree. I'm not sure of the technical details, but have been led to understand this is now starting to be a major problem for all ISP's.

Maybe the servers are starting to boil over? [Junk mail, Spam, and virus] Not sure at all, maybe FE. or someone who understands these things better than I, will explain. Regards. j.

  velvet 19:36 13 Sep 2003

I wish someone would explain it Djohn. It is obviously necessary for a balance to be struck between protection and the allowing of contact. It rather negates the usefulness of email as a means of communication if this state of affairs obtains.

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