Problems running chkdsk on win 7

  Flak999 21:35 08 Jan 2018

Hi again still having complete nightmare with blue screens, so am running chkdsk in the windows environment. I have ticked both boxes to check the disk for errors and also to fix any errors it finds..

It flew through stages 1-3 and then stopped at the segment saying chkdsk is verifying file data (stage 4 of 5) 22% complete (87394 of 265968 files processed)

It has been stopped at this stage for 4 1/2 hours now!

Has it crashed should I reboot the system is this an indication that my hard disk a 7 year old SSD is failing?

I am a bit at a loss to know what to do next! Any help gratefully appreciated.

  KEITH 1955 13:25 09 Jan 2018

1 problem could be that you ticked both boxes at the same time , it is normal for the first stages to go quickly as the scans are zooming through empty disc space. Regardless of what program you use to check a disk , it might be worth your while starting the program before you go to bed and just see whats happened the next morning. if you do this make sure the pc and monitor are not set to go to sleep after x hours of inactivity.

defragging a pc for the first time takes a long time the first time you do it as well but as you have an ssd you don't need to do that.

  Flak999 17:05 09 Jan 2018

how do i post my image of my crystal disk mark please?

  Flak999 17:16 09 Jan 2018

I manages to download and run the program before the computer crashed again and I saved the print screen image to windows paint but I'm unsure how to post the result here?

  Flak999 17:47 09 Jan 2018

What do you all think please?

  john bunyan 17:52 09 Jan 2018

Flack. Hope you wont mind a supplementary to rdave13 . Your info on the disc had a lot more info than mine; I set it for dec.

Hope Flak999 solves this issue

  Flak999 18:03 09 Jan 2018

try again


  Flak999 18:03 09 Jan 2018


  Flak999 18:04 09 Jan 2018

  Flak999 18:05 09 Jan 2018

phew at last!

  john bunyan 18:15 09 Jan 2018


That looks healthy - is all ok now? _ rdave13 ; thanks for steer on programme!

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