problems with router/switch

  ikle_pixie 20:06 28 Feb 2006


I have a net-lynx switch, a laptop running windows XP and a pc running windows 2000 and a broadband connection.

I've plugged all three into the switch. The internet works on my laptop, but not on the pc..any ideas?

  keewaa 22:34 28 Feb 2006

A switch will only work if you have multiple IPs assigned from your ISP.

  retep888 02:53 01 Mar 2006

Using a switch without a router,you'll need to run ICS,preferably connect the USB modem to the XP pc and connect to the internet.

Then use a straight patch (ethernet) cable connecting the LAN port between the XP pc and the switch.

And then connect the Win2000 PC to the switch same way using same type of cable,if ICS was set up correctly, then you'll be ok.

click here give you some ideas.

  retep888 03:03 01 Mar 2006
  keewaa 10:08 01 Mar 2006

Yep that's an option, I meant to say you couldn't use the switch in the structure described where the internet is plugged directly into it. As only one IP is coming from the ISP, it can only be associated with one machine.

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