problems with restart

  kkkoolkev 23:22 22 Oct 2004

i have just upgraded my cpu and motherboard to a amd 2600+ xp and a elite l7vmm2 when i have both of my cdrom drives connected at the same time when i try to restart windows it shuts down and will not run the post. when only one is connected it will restart both of the cdrom work seperatly and the jumper are set to master and slave i have replaced the ide cables would flashing the bios help?

  Cuddles 23:43 22 Oct 2004

How do you have your hard drive(s) and cd roms connected

  kkkoolkev 00:38 23 Oct 2004

ihave 1 40gb hard drive on ide1 and 2 cdrom drives on ide2

  THE TERMINATOR 00:57 23 Oct 2004

Mismatch. You need to have one cd-rom as slave to your hard drive, and the other by itself on the 2nd cable. What you have at the moment is 2 cd-rom drives checking for a disk (which is not there) and using up all your system resources, therefore freezing your system and causing it to shutdown....T

  kkkoolkev 01:08 23 Oct 2004

the system works fine until i try to retart

  THE TERMINATOR 01:32 23 Oct 2004

what do you mean?

  User-312386 04:21 23 Oct 2004

thats a strange statement "You need to have one cd-rom as slave to your hard drive"


Do you have BELIOS jumpers on the MOBO?

  kkkoolkev 12:16 23 Oct 2004

what are BELIOS jumpers?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:20 24 Oct 2004

I have built my own systems for 10 years and have always had the cd-rom drive as slave to the HDD, wether I have one or two HDD. The only time I have ever had two cd-rom drives on the same cable was when I got a pc shop to do my upgrade, cos I was on hols) and it knackered my system up too....T

  THE TERMINATOR 00:26 24 Oct 2004

I noticed you have ticked off as resolved, but how did you resolve your problem, in case some one else has it in the future....T

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