Problems with resolution on a laptop and a TV

  ondra184 15:29 23 Apr 2017

Hello, i recently tried to reuse my old laptop as a sort of a media center for my living room. The problem is, that the TV is full HD (1920x1080) while the laptop is less than that, around 1600x1200 or something. The laptop is currently connected to the TV via a VGA cable. When i tried to disable the laptops screen to run only the TV at a Full HD resolution, the TV just stays black until it reverses back into the old resolution. The wierd thing is that with my other monitor, witch is also Full HD, it works just fine. I even used the same VGA cable. Can anyone help me find out why this is?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 23 Apr 2017

Set the laptop to display to the screen as a second monitor (not show what is on laptop screen and then set the display settings on second monitor to suit TV.

  ondra184 14:36 24 Apr 2017

Did that, but in that case the thing where you pick the resolution in windows is greyed out...

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