problems refilling HP cartridge

  jon2 18:34 22 Sep 2004

I have always refilled my own cartridges but since I perchased a HP 1220c I canot get it to work when I have refilled, I have followed instruction to the letter but no joy, as soon as I put in a new cartridge it works fine, as any one any idea's?

  MIke 18:38 22 Sep 2004

Is it a chipped cartridge? Don't know about HP printers, but newer epsons use chipped cartridges, that tell the printer when they are empty. You can get a resetter to reset these chips so printer thinks the cartridge is full again. Could this be the case with your HP?

  jon2 18:40 22 Sep 2004

it is not a chiped cartridge as far as I know,
cartridge No 78

  Wak 18:50 22 Sep 2004

Have a look at click here
This site will show you how to refill your cartridge and also tell you how to reset the ink level of your particular cartridge.

  MIke 18:52 22 Sep 2004

Sorry no idea then unless you got an airlock in the cartridge. I've seen "air-pullers" advertised on some sites eg click here other than that it's over to someone with experience of re-filling HP's

  jon2 19:05 22 Sep 2004

it's not ink levels that I am concerned about, its the fact the printer warning light keeps on flashing and it will not do any thing at all

  Wak 19:15 22 Sep 2004

I should have said that the web site I mentioned above tells you how to reset the Ink Level INDICATOR on your printer.
This is done through the electrical contacts.
It's all explained on the Stratitec site.

  Dorsai 19:21 22 Sep 2004

It does sound like there is some form of chip or circuit in the cart. Somehow or other the printer recognised the old cart as one that has been used, and is (well, was) empty.

AS the re-filler industry gets better at re-filling empty carts, the printer makers are going to get better at stopping it. the printer maker wants you to buy the ink from them.

But it's stupid that a new printer can cost as little as £20 more then the ink to fill it! My printer cost £90.00. 4 ink cars, 3 at £12, one at about £20. and these are low capacity ones, and the printer shipped with high capacity ones.

high capacity, 3 at £15, and one at £30. do the math. it's almost cheaper to buy a new printer once one cart empty, and transfer the not empty ones over to the new printer.

  spuds 19:33 22 Sep 2004

Here's three sites worth looking at for refilling instructions and advice click here click here click here

Ink kits click here click here Of the two kits, I found the Inktec the better of the two, due to the air balancing device supplied with the kit.

If you think that there is an airlock problem, try this:Put the cartridge in a strong larger plastic bag,secure the opening,then grab the secured end of the bag and proceed to shake forcefully [as if you are throwing the bag away from you towards the ground]a few times. This action works most times, if there is an airlock.

The other solution that as been suggested, is the cartridge may contain a chip, which requires resetting. Tools are available for this at around £6.00-£10.00. That information maybe available on one of the refilling websites.

  MIke 18:23 23 Sep 2004


From what you say re the lights on printer not going out, it seems your printer thinks the re-filled cartridge is empty. I've looked at the site posted by Wak, and if I had an HP I'd try the suggestion there of covering some of the contacts on your cartridge with tape, thus fooling the printer a different cartridge is installed.

  jon2 18:40 23 Sep 2004

I have done all of that and some, but to no avail
many thanks for all of your time, I will no dout get to the bottom of this one day.

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